Craft Corner: Festive 3D Cards

It has been well over a month since I last posted. I’ve been thinking about the content for 2019 along with planning my next move for business and personal ventures. Between that I have been Continue reading “Craft Corner: Festive 3D Cards”

Sewing Can Save Us

We can start with the little steps. If we go back to basics and learn how to sew we can fix our damaged clothes rather than throw them away.

Our world is dying, we are killing our planet and our selves along the way. There is no time or evidence to deny this

BBC have been on form as of late with articles and documentaries about climate change and the impact that industries are having on our world. This is something I am really passionate about and I have had to be extra conscious when deciding what my place will be, in the fashion industry as it’s Continue reading “Sewing Can Save Us”

Choice Is A Luxury: Health Journey

What I’m saying is; choice is a luxury in itself. Poorer people are less likely to starve themselves on purpose due to not having much choice. Needing to eat as they won’t know when the next meal might be available

On the 1st October I said goodbye to gluten and it worked! for days I went gluten free, didn’t eat the morning bagel, Instead I had eggs and potatoes followed by a banana. I had smoothies for dinner and indulged in Zoes Kitchen for lunch. I ate healthy chocolate almonds made with coconut sugar to curb my cravings – It was all well and good until Continue reading “Choice Is A Luxury: Health Journey”

The Style Feed Contents 18/19

I’d like this blog to be a source of all the random things that curate everyday life – that articulate the overall style of you and your life. Style is everything not just fashion, style is expression, mannerisms, what you eat, who you talk to, what you believe in etc. For example;

I have heard many times that finding a niche is the key to being a successful blogger, which I don’t doubt at all. Maybe ill find my particular niche that I’ll work on more as content develops. I created ‘The Style Feed’ initially to treat as a fashion diary, but because I lacked confidence in front of the camera that never really took off, I haven’t been consistent enough and I only collaborate with blogger photographers every blue moon! Every day life isn’t one topic, but a series of things that accumulate our life; food, fashion, subjects that randomly come to our mind, movements in society, tech, beauty.. the list goes on. Continue reading “The Style Feed Contents 18/19”

Netflix Strikes Again: Quick Review

Netflix is an new form of media that has changed lives, it’s developed the view perspective, challenged huge companies like Youtube and Amazon – it is a movement in itself. Netflix is a platform for many original series, its a space for eye-opening documetanires, an insight into our world and the people, mystery, escapism and raw realism in it. It has changed the way we see things, the way we spend our wednesday nights, its changed the process of a romantic date. nd the best thing of all… there aren’t any advertisements! A real USP of Netflix. I personally like to mix it up – from explained documentaries, exposure of the food industry documentaries and the period dramas and original series they have to offer – not to mention the occasional low budget films I’m proud to soak up. The latest bigne has been one that has made me re-think the powerful movements of women. Where we’ve been and where we are going… Continue reading “Netflix Strikes Again: Quick Review”

What #MeToo Means To Me

With the fight between Brett Kavanaugh and Christine Ford igniting sparks and divide across the world. I thought it would be the best time to write about what the #metoo movement means to me and the potential outcomes it could bring to make our world better Continue reading “What #MeToo Means To Me”

Allora development: Covers Revealed!

Photoshoots were only 3 months apart but you can clearly see the development of all collaborators;  just from these covers alone. The final draft portrays more confidence and certainty with a darker essence. Our draft cover is younger, more playful with the previous idea of who Allora mag initially aimed towards. Since then the target market has shifted, however the ethos remains the same: Culture Over Consumption, Slow Style Over Fast Fashion and People Over Profit. ‘The Vizual Issue’ concept also remains – created by the visualisers for the visualisers.

This is the first time I have shared real development of my magazine; Allora. I have recently published a post on to share how talented fashion photographer Jessica Rose Lena is. She and model collaborator, Hannah Burton have made both covers better than I ever imagined! It has been amazing working with them and I cannot wait for more collaborations in the future.  Continue reading “Allora development: Covers Revealed!”

Fashion Education | Lesson 1

Lesson 1: How to recognise and reach your own passions and talents
INCLUDES FREE DOWNLOAD to help you move forward in your personal goals and career ambitions

Lesson 1: How to recognise and reach your own passions and talents

Fashion has always been and will always be; complex, relevent, forward and controversial. There are so many fields in which a person can work in, from jobs in garment tech to fashion magazines and marketing – not to mention the digital possibilities and the-all-so art of being a fashion blogger/influencer. With all the options out there, it’s hard to chose your desired field within the huge ever-growing industry.

Continue reading “Fashion Education | Lesson 1”