The Magpie Within

I embraced the magpie within with all the wonderful jewels I laid eyes on yesterday at London Fashion Weekend.


Kasun London | Lay said the Giant 

Just seeing the display is enough to take you into a fairytale daze, fierce and beautiful! These pieces caught my eye straight away



I’m not one for much colour but I would happily add a pop of colour to compliment any outfit with these pieces! The back to school range is my fav! #love #needinmylife


Thread Not Bare | Noritamy 

ThreadNotBare is a fashion and marketing agency based in London and when I stumbled across them yesterday I took a very keen interest in the jewellery label Noritamy. You can automatically see the inspiration and hard work behind these beautiful collections. I spoke to Anna the CEO of ThreadNotBare about a possible collaboration for my FMP (final major project) which will kick start my career as a publisher. I will be creating a fashion and travel magazine called ‘Allora’ and rather than having the likes of Topshop, River Island and H&M for my photoshoots, I’d rather have more independent brands that not everyone has heard of especially outside of London. Not that theres anything wrong with featuring the typical high street brands, I just want my magazine to encourage its readers to invest in more unique brands while also encouraging people to be more sustainable in the process. This blog is my chance to show companies like this I am serious about my FMP and that it’s not just a university project, it’s my life.

I have your card Anna and ill be in touch. 



Niza Huang

When you don’t know you want something until you see it! A motto that encouraged  Harry Gordon Selfridge to set up in the first place. And as soon as I saw these I needed every piece in my life! Nina Huang is another brilliant designer I will be in touch with for ‘Allora’


Pum Pum Socks

Something about these cute socks made me feel like I would travel the world wearing them! maybe it’s the palm tree logo… Ever since America I have adored palm trees. My inner Lana Del Rey is screaming for a pair… Or 10!


Allora will be published and on sale June 2017 



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