3 ways to Style: The Denim Corset

Wearing a corset that is not structured with boning or any kind of support can be a difficult to style. The key to pulling it off is to wear something under that has either pleats like the peplum top on the left or a piece that has an excessive amount of fabric like the white hoodie in the last of this series. This gives the corset the purpose it was invented for: to create a womanly curvaceous silhouette.

  Photography: Rebecca Chivers 

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Buffy Slays 20 Years

‘The hardest thing in this world is to live in it’

– Buffy Ann Summers | Season 5, Episode 22 | The Gift

I am so proud and happy to be a top Buffy geek. Buffy gave me the strength and courage to be my true self and to believe in what I do. Im 22 in my final few months of university writing my business plan to map out my future goals and ambitions and I too like her want to save the world. I know I wouldn’t be here without her and her scoobies.

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