We Need To Talk About: Feminism

Just casually scrolling through my Instagram feed when I come across this cute post of some badges on some pretty pink flowers, and its when I spot the badge that haunts me, the one that states ‘The future is female’ hows about FXXK off!

I get that we are still fighting for our rights, equal pay ect, you know the drill by now.  I read somewhere that it is against the law for a woman to ride a bicycle in Gaza after puberty (don’t know if its true) as I don’t believe everything I read especially after working for the press, I know that most things published is the twisted truth or a complete lie. I get there is a long way to go still and some feel we haven’t come as far as we should have since the suffragette movement (myself included) Unfortunately I feel we are going backwards if anything. So getting back to the badge, who decided that the future should be any gender?! the future should be all genders right? not just women cause whether you like it or not ladies you need those men you claim to be so much stronger than.

I read something else, once again I don’t remember the source of it or if it was true. It was a woman ‘a feminist’ who was offended when a man opened a door for her, she said’ I can open it for myself thank you, I don’t need a man to open a door for me’ I get that she wanted to come across as strong and she’s right women don’t need men to open doors for them and this also applies vice versa. I have opened door for men, I’ve even bought a guy a drink on a night out! 😮 can you believe it?! That wasn’t a ‘I don’t need a man to buy me a drink i’ll buy own moment’ it was a ‘He got the last one ill get the next one to say thank you’ also a way of letting him know I don’t owe him anything.

So feminism? I thought when I was 16 it was about equal rights, that being a feminist meant you are supporting equality and that the term was ‘fem’ because women aren’t equal. I’ve recently found that its not the case. It may have started out that way but the media and fashion have made it into something else…. into women being superior to men and other genders. Ladies first? Feminism not masochism? ‘THE FUTURE IS FEMALE?’ Tell me, would you tell your 5 year old boy who may not be sure on his own identity that the future is female, how would this make him feel? Wouldn’t you prefer to tell him that the future is equality and that conventional gender terms will not exist forever, that women won’t be fighting for equal pay because we will all be paid our worth no matter our age, gender or ethnicity.

Dior please don’t tell me I should be a feminist, you wouldn’t like it if someone told you to be a particular religion or stand for something that has been twisted so much its lost its core meaning. And Kendall ‘ladies first’? hows about open the door for anyone to be polite, hows about all of us first because we are all the same no matter what it says between our legs. Gender is a state of mind. Youth is a state of mind and the new idea of feminism to me is bull.


Thank you for reading. The last thing I wanted to do is offend anyone and please if anyone would like to comment on how they feel about feminism and what it means to them please do. I am open minded and I don’t mind someone telling me I’m wrong as long as your kind about it.



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