Buffy Slays 20 Years

‘The hardest thing in this world is to live in it’

– Buffy Ann Summers | Season 5, Episode 22 | The Gift

I am so proud and happy to be a top Buffy geek. Buffy gave me the strength and courage to be my true self and to believe in what I do. Im 22 in my final few months of university writing my business plan to map out my future goals and ambitions and I too like her want to save the world. I know I wouldn’t be here without her and her scoobies.

I like her was the popular blonde pretty girl in high school who was completely misunderstood by her peers and teachers, with a gang of geeks who admired and understood why I did the things I did. Buffy’s relationship with Dawn was a reflection of my relationship with my niece, with only 3 years between us we were and are more like sisters. Below is an image of a hope jar I made for her last summer with the card inside reading ‘The hardest thing in this world is to live in it. Be brave. Live’ – B. I made this for Megs to give her hope when she was feeling down and to remind her of our strong connection wth the series and with eahother. We cried for hours after finishing that episode. Spike crying kicked off my tears. After I would have similar dreams of saving Megs and sacfricing myself for a better world. (sad but cute now I look back)

The episode where Xander tells Buffy that when he’s scared and alone he thinks ‘what would Buffy do’ and that gave him the strength to face his demons. I too have thought about what she would do when I’ve found my self in uncomfortable situations and it has given me all hope in myself to be strong. While Joss may have initially created an unconventional  super hero, I feel he exposed the super hero that is within all of us. All Buffy wanted was a balance, for her friends and family to be safe and happy. To fight the bad and enhance the good. Something most of us want.

I got through my first years of uni re-watching season 4 where Buffy is struggling with the social norms of college life, I too felt inadequate and alone. I too had a crazy Kathy roommate who wrote on her milk. I too couldn’t express my true feelings for the person I loved. And I too secretly wanted to fuck vampires 😉

When Faith came on the scene I realised more about myself and the toxic relationship I had with one of my best friends at the time. She was jealous of me, she was a rebel who was also misunderstood, who I wanted to help. Turns out she didn’t come back into my life in season 7 and make it better… maybe I’m not at season 7 yet. Mae we all have Faith like characters in our lives that are there just to see us fall and replace us. Either way I like to think I handled my betrayal like a true Buffy Queen.

Buffy will always be a part of me, she will always encourage me to be my true authentic self and she is someone I will pass on to my children to give them the strength that she and those around her gave me. HERES TO 20 YEARS OF SLAYAGE!

Here are a few GIFFs that I can relate to 😉

When Buffy loses all sense of being by drinking corrupt beer
What I wanna do when I see people munching… anywhere
Yup, its like ironing anything really… usually bit pointless
Jealous friends will always wanna compete….
Never afraid to express the love

Some people just can’t deal with the hotness 😉
When my hormones are fucking up I feel like I’m in hell or when I’m hungover

Be Brave. Live.


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