GRWM (Getting Ready With Me)

Casual make-up for a day out – it’s rainy so not too heavy as I have no setting spray. I like a thin eyeline and small cat eye to bring out my eyes, without it being too much,my eyes are my favourite feature, my least favourite is my nose – they counteract each other… I guess 

What are you fav and least fav features? 

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Slay Your Success

. See more on what I’m about in this mini interview conducted by my very talented good friend Mevish Javed .

Mevish Javed


So here it is guys the much awaited new category on my blog “Slay Your Success”, where i will be conducting short interviews with some inspiring and influential individuals who have built their own brand, invested in their ideas or have created a mark for themselves in their chosen field, regardless of what they may do. Here is to recognising their journey and acknowledging their effort and success. May they inspire you always!

I’d like to thank Paige Goddard, an unconventional UK based blogger of The Style Feed for taking some time out to contribute towards this collaborative post. Now you may not have heard much of her as of yet but trust me The Style Feed is a name to be looking out for this year! From her beautiful personality to her enthusiasm towards work, her writing skills to her aesthetically pleasing Instagram uploads and her motivational mindset, she will…

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Style Icon Of The Month

I don’t know whether its the sleek bob, the 70s vibe or the I don’t care what you think about me I’m bad ass and hot as. Do I even have to mention her refreshing confidence when strutting past ex boyfriend on the VS stage – I mean the only possible scenario of bumping into exes usually consists of bed hair and zero makeup (most likely shopping for chocolate and tampons) Not Bella, she is a proud confident catwalk queen and this months style icon

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Editorial Of The Month

I first discovered Suitcase magazine in my second year of uni (Vol.9) Since picking up that first copy I haven’t missed one issue and thats why I understand the significance of this particular volume (21) A fresh new look with a new slogan ‘The culture Of Travel’ which couldn’t be more accurate. Cornerstone – the main fashion editorial is earthy and natural with a captivating cinematic touch – exactly why it’s Januarys editorial of the month

Photographer: Lucia O’Connor-McCarthy for Suitcase Vol.21