GRWM (Getting Ready With Me)

Casual make-up for a day out – it’s rainy so not too heavy as I have no setting spray. I like a thin eyeline and small cat eye to bring out my eyes, without it being too much,my eyes are my favourite feature, my least favourite is my nose – they counteract each other… I guess 

What are you fav and least fav features? 

Firstly I use Clinique Beyond Perfection, a 2 in 1 concealer and foundation mixed with Kiko Devine Tone Face Serum for a more dewy finish. I only ever put foundation on first if my eyes aren’t smokey as the dark shadow sticks to your cheeks otherwise

Then a matte eye shadow from a palette mum got me for xmas – never heard of Make Me Up before, its pretty good, she also picked me up these beaut copper brushes (not sure where from)

Next step is the kitten eye (tiny cat eye) and these rarely go to plan despite doing aged 11

Best liquid eyeliners are Collection 2000, Soap & Glory and Lancôme (in my opinion)

Mascara is the best! They’re Real by Benefit, and yes they are actually real too 🙂 I gave up on falsies after college when I grew up and realised that the synthetic hair doesn’t work for me (I gave up my hair extensions too  which were a weird sort of safety blanket for me for years in my teens)

And the rest:

Highlighter: The Estee Edit Flash Illuminator topped with MUA Undress Your Skin Highlighting Powder 

Bronzer: Bourjois Bronzing Powder Medium 51

Brows: Gimme Brow Benefit

Lips: NYX Lip Butter

The finished look 🙂


That is all for now. These beauty posts will improve I’m sure overtime and hopefully one day i’ll have the guts to do a video 🙂

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