My Crazy Dream Last Night

This is defiantly partly due to the fact that I was looking at pictures from my 18th Birthday last night  (5 years ago)  where both my separate families were together (an extremely rare occasion) 

Anyway my dream was a family road trip to a camping/caravan park – a huge part of my childhood. The location however was the UK but felt more like a America, an American road trip, with the distance and the feelings associated with the US. Driving for a holiday in the UK takes a few hours and obviously driving for an holiday in America can take days or weeks, In my dream it felt we’d been on the road for weeks, I felt somewhat content with how lost I felt. We were in the woods, a few of us and I went behind a tree for a wee and my dad floated towards me like a ghost  (I have suddenly accumulated dad issues and haven’t spoken to him since August and before then hadn’t seen him since christmas which is abnormal as when I was growing up, right until I was in 1st year of uni we were so close, we had the relationship majority of people wish they had with their father) This was my subconscious telling me something… clearly.

The wee thing? when I was a child and dad and I were on the road (we travelled and camped A LOT)  he’s also an HGV driver so we spent most days on the road. When I needed the toilet, he’d open his car doors and hold me so I could aim like a pro and have privacy. In my dream I cried aloud (and felt with pure raw emotion) ‘I MISS YOU! PLEASE COME BACK TO ME‘ In my dream my dads mum (nan Steph) said ‘Your dad isn’t here Paige’ and I replied ‘yes he his, he’s wearing a blue and pink floral Hawaiian shirt’ My dad told me he was happy without me.

Lucy Walsh looks on as Jason Sudeikis sings in front of a crowd of women before falling off a balcony in scenes for movie 'Mother's Day'
The shirt must have come from Jason Sudeikis in Mother’s Day, as I watched that a few days ago  

Suddenly we were on the road again and we stopped off in what was called ‘ The Country City’ which was basically London covered in moss. We went to a restaurant (one I recognise from my waking life, which is Piccolo in Newcastle (lovely BTW), oh it gets weird soon… So here I am in this restaurant and it feels I’m transitioning between people, one minute I’m a waiter, the next a customer, the next I’m a crazy woman yelling at loads of people I recognise from primary school. Abbie a friend from school (who I haven’t seen or thought about in YEARS) decided to join me. We leave the restaurant and go to a near by tattoo/takeaway shop where I meet a man called Matt (this is due to my post yesterday, I wrote Matt instead of matte when revering to my eyeshadow) still with me ? Good. It gets sinister now…

So Abbie, Matt and I are walking around country London, then all of a sudden the streets become deserted and we find ourselves on the top of a hill in a what can only be described as a cave bush…  I was feeling terrified and uncertain. I start to lose control of the dream now. We are in a field which turns out to be the HQ of a magical kingdom – I’ve been watching Dirk Gently as of late so this is probably the reasoning. We see a castle in the distance at the bottom go the hill and a crew of things (not people, things) The main man is a man Pig wearing double denim and a dirty white vest. He grunts and has a weapon belt with huge tusks dripping with blood. He opens a door in a bush cave, there he feeds (throwing food) ‘his children’ which are mutant demon like pig men who squeal and scream, their not happy to be locked in the dark. They hiss and screech at the Pig man, who is the boss of the kingdom or at least some of it, he seems to have a tribe and I suddenly become one of one of his tribe members, he asked me to lock the door, I try not to, to leave it unlocked (I don’t know why cause they were terrifying) all of a sudden I’m me and again and we are on our way back to our family who are waiting in 3 huge American styled Range Rovers to take us to the camp site which is in their kingdom.

I  turn to Matt and say ‘ I think we could do with a whisky’

Then I wake up.

Fitbit recording of last nights sleep

Please let me know about your crazy dreams! I’d love to hear them.  I was inspired to write this post after reading ‘My dream last night’ from Sam of


  1. Wow! If that was a movie I would freak out. That was certainly a fascinating dream, I don’t know if mine can compare to that one…
    It seems like there were aspects of that dream that you could easily relate to in life, which makes sense. However there were some interesting turns that are much harder (I would assume) to analyse. It is a dream that I bet you are happy you saved in blog format to come back to in years to come 🙂

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    1. I know right, So crazy! I’m glad you read it and liked it, it’s one of those dreams that will defiantly stick. Your post inspired me and I absolutely want to read more! I use to write my dreams in a journal and then sometimes research meanings on I stopped because sometimes you can lose real sight of what your sub conscious is trying to tell you as our dreams are all personal to us – very hard to define without actual reflection of our own waking life. I am glad I posted it (usually sceptical about everything I post) however this is the year for consistency and not to be afraid of that publish button 🙂

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      1. I haven’t heard of that website before, might check it out.
        Don’t be afraid to publish! Some of the posts that have received the most likes and comments are the ones I was the most hesitant about, and turned out to be the most popular by readers. I hope you do hit publish more often!

        Liked by 2 people

      2. Thank you Sam, that’s very nice of you to say. I will most definitely take your advice 🙂 it’s annoying how much the human brain focuses on numbers and how people let them define them and have done for centuries! However I’m happy with the amount of blogs I’m more connected to through posting more frequently and hitting numbers. It’s the most engagement in 3 years 🙂 it’s awesome and has given me more confidence for new posts and old ideas

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