Best Birthday Bits // Back In Brum

Birmingham made me (no not the festival) it actually made me, or at least a part of me. Leaving your hometown to go to uni is one of biggest and bravest things you can ever do, especially when it’s not the social norm in your environment to do so. I was the first in my family and friend group to goI had dark and light times in this city, I lived in 6 properties over the course of 4 years each with their own unique stories, I gained and lost friends, I nailed each project along with a intense year in industry – despite having a condition that effected my ability to function like a normal person. I didn’t have much of a social life – I gave up alcohol in second year when I went on a full blown detox as my condition had worsened due to over working and being severely homesick and depressed. ANYWAY!!! this is from my trip back to Birmingham (UK to clarify)

It was a birthday present from my mum. I stayed in the most luxurious hotel which I use to walk past daily on the way to uni. Never thinking I’d stay there one day – especially as a newly grad. I initially went for a presentation to give to L6 BA Fashion Communication, where I talked about my own project and health issues – expressing the absolute importance of self care during FMP (final major project) Afterward I met up with my good friends (separately) 2 amazing quality girls I had met during my time in the city (outside of uni). Both having a significant impact on my mental wellbeing as of late. When you have had so many snakes fake friends, and My weakness is I see good in everyone! – you lose trust and faith in people. These girls have made my year with their drive and kindness. I don’t have pics of us just pics of what we got upto, so here it is;


Processed with VSCO with a4 preset

Processed with VSCO with a4 preset
Cheeky mirror selfie and the control freak inside is focusing on the open wardrobe door ruining my composition

The hotel was truly wonderful, with perfect lighting for mirror selfies 😉 which aren’t exactly my favourite thing to do. Just check out how much the shadows in the bathroom make it look like I have abs lol ( I really don’t) ooo new idea for blog post ‘the journey to a strong core’ or rather ‘Lazy girls guide to abs’ I think it’s harder for women to get this part of the body strong but anything is possible.

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Chilling in the room in-between food with the best company, the best publications and a Selfridges cake was simply idilic


Processed with VSCO with a4 preset
Picked up this bad boy and so glad I did, 1st issue out now!

The interview in THE FALL with Rose is amazing, she most certainly is a woman on a mission and one of the main reasons for the progression towards tackling sexual harassment – I love her

//  #brave #rosearmy //




// FOOD //

Boston Tea Party

The history of the name is quite interesting, I had no idea it had such back story – basically the Boston colonists threw chests of tea into the harbour in protest against British taxes on tea, more than £92k worth (today aprox 1million), you can only imagine what state Britain was in being deprived of their precious tea. Also the friend who I met here lived in Boston for a while and she loved it! the most kindest people in the world apparently – now it’s a must see for me. God bless America, you babe! (Trump not included lol)


Indian street food! where have you been all my life?! This place really is a unique experience, the staff were wonderful, the portions perfect. Although it is recommended you get at least 2 -3 dishes for your main, we felt 1 each with a starter was enough for me and my good friend Mevish. We loved the lighting and the service – Kate and Jason were especially lovely. And the shots for Insta were awesome.


Now this was an experience of a lifetime. A family run business and family friendly restaurant, with people of all ages there. The portions were so huge I had 4 meals out of my main – absolute value for money. A mix of Asian, British and now Italian cuisines, there is so much choice, the mocktails especially wonderful, along with the friendly and ever so busy staff.


LOVE LOVE LOVE LEON! Fast food that is actually healthy! which is the concept invented by John Vincent, who was fed up of eating crappy fast food when working and so invented LEON -named after has father. I was working at Riley Raven Ltd in 2016 when I attended a press event for the launch in Grand Central, where I met John and his mum Marion along with his dad (Leon) – all wonderful people and so proud to be launching in the West Midlands, Marion attended uni in Birmingham during the 1950s and she was so happy to be there. We talked all evening, ate great food and got to know the staff at the brand new Grand Central LEON. Also they have range of great cook books with amazing recipes in and fun facts –  you can usually find them in Tk maxx for a discounted price.

BCU Curzon @ night (I spent a lot of late night/early mornings in that building near deadline)

Processed with VSCO with a4 preset
Goodbye for now brum



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