New Media Pt.1

With new media taking the forefront in influence, I’m here to discuss what I feel is the impact and positive possibilities of new media i.e Netflix, instagram, zines, twitter and apps of all kinds. The start of February saw two new Netflix originals that are tackling real issues – Altered Carbon and a new adaptation of Queer Eye


Initially I thought, Oh okay more gun violence, another blade runner style ‘futuristic’ drama that I have seen before, so predictable. It wasn’t until I continued watching that I realised all the issues it was tackling – Human trafficking, the health care system, guns, power, money etc. Along with showing NIPPLES! ladies nipples all over the place!- in fact naked bodies in general all over. Which is great in my opinion, it’s about time we got rid of the taboo of exposing bodies, men or women, especially female nipples. Beauty within is also a huge message behind this series, the way life is thrown away like it’s worthless is another message – a single bullet or a weird star contraption that is pretty disgusting and can take a life in less than a second. Oh and 3D printing….cloning, class divide, AI, sexbots, VR, advertising, ridiculous sky scrappers, flying cars along with a foggy and humid atmosphere that doesn’t even look habitable.

My boyfriend turns to me and says ‘I really hope our future doesn’t look like that’


Thing is, we don’t have a future, or one that is longer than half a century – If we continue to consume and compete like we do, WE WILL COMPLETE THE ALREADY PATHED ROAD TO OUR EXTINCTION. WE WILL RUN OUT OF WATER, WE WILL STARVE OURSELVES TO DEATH. There will be no big lights in the big city unless we change and change RIGHT NOW. Unfortunately, previous generations have primarily cared for themselves and only themselves. Sexism, racism and narcissism have all been passed down to their children. But there is hope for the children. Previously the media has developed an idealism that is prejudice and simply wrong, for too long. One might say there is no hope, but thanks to new media, there is. Thanks to the internet, there is. The thing is, I’m a realist. I know all is possible in this series, we are developing technology that can make this happen, however we won’t get that far as mother nature will ensure ‘revenge’ for our mis treatment of the planet and ourselves. Fracking, over eating or under eating (lets just call it the food crisis), water waste, and most importantly our industries – are all having a negative impact on our world and peoples wellbeing. Fashion, being a huge one, which is an industry that has sky rocketed in just 5 years and is my industry of specialty. Yes I know my fashion shit! so if you want to know anything, comment or message me and I’ll either know it or find out for you 🙂

FEAR FACT: It takes 1/5 of the planet to feed the planet! Yet were are dying from obesity and starvation on a daily basis


The possibilities of new media is literally life changing. We can be the generation that didn’t sit back and just cared for our own, we can be the generation that creates and controls our own media, that changes our industries  – or I predict, we will be the last  last generation of the human race.



You really are making a difference and please don’t sue me for illustrating a screenshot, I did credit you, or have I just screwed myself for tracing your logo? Just know this is a positive post, I really do feel you are making great changes in our world. Feel free to contact me for a partnership/collaboration so I can positively review and share your original shows and the inspiring motives behind them 😉 

And a huge thank you to you, my reader for reading my first heart opening and opinionated post. Stay tuned for part 2…

Love from:


Feel free to comment, add or even disagree, I’m open to all opinions 

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