New Media Pt.2

Image Credit: Adobe Stock | © Nickolay Khoroshkov | #96484222

With new media taking the forefront in influence, I’m here to discuss what I feel is the impact and positive possibilities of new media i.e Netflix, instagram, zines, twitter and apps of all kinds. The start of the year saw two new Netflix originals that are tackling real issues – Altered Carbon and a new adaptation of Queer Eye


The Fab 5 are 5 talented, inspiring males who live in Atlanta. Like most gay people they have struggled with self identity and acceptance – not only in society but in themselves and that is just one thing that makes them brilliant and successful in life. They all have different talents and personalities that compliment each other. They help people all over America make-over their lifestyles not just the outside but more importantly the inside. One episode helps a man come out and change his whole life. Another episode tackles the very important issue of black people and the police – it made me cry with sadness and happiness. A Trump voting white police man and a gay black man share a life-changing car journey – both expressing how tired they are of the conventional stigma behind racist police brutality, both expressing their sides. They ask themselves why? I can tell you why lads, IT IS THE MEDIAS FAULT! They have made this happen, just like they label all terrorists as Muslim. It is wrong and it has gone on for far too long. Thanks to Netflix we are seeing a positive difference in a range of cultures, awareness of topics are rising, diversity on screen is prominent, taboo topics are being tackled or at least addressed along with worldly issues in general. The Fundamentals Of Care Giving is brilliant film for showing the struggles of care giving and the stigma of disability. One not so good thing I will say about this QE, is to the advertisers and PR of Netflix, why not be proud to represent the brands/companies? product placement is a focus, there is no need to be sneaky about it in your small drop down, promote loud and proud like fashion magazines do, tell your audience in the credits. When I did a Levi’s fashion design project at uni, I had an idea of marketing through Netflix, within the credits would be ‘All denim in this program is brought to you by Levi’s and all items can be found online’ this way you are being honest, you are showing collaboration, and most importantly – you are being original.

Diversity On Screen

I’m now a top Star Trek geek thanks to Netflix, this series has a black female protagonist and shows the first homosexual Star Trek kiss on screen from two of my fav characters in the show. It is a modern interpretation that expresses equality not only with its casting but within the storyline. When will this war be over?

What Netflix shows are having an impact on your life? feel free to let me know, and post any recomendations

 Keep Styling!


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