For The legend: Givenchy

He knew the power of collaboration , he knew that elegance was timeless, he knew that the only woman that could portray his true message, was Audrey Hepburn. A selfless magnificent being with a kind heart and a face as beautiful as her mind. They had a connection like no other, not just a muse but a friend and loyal customer. He designed for her, for all women but with her in mind. He knew what women wanted in a dress and that was to feel like Hepburn, thus creating the classic LBD

Today fashion designers are too busy meeting the deadlines of the fast industry to stop and think about the person wearing the garment or at least to stop and see what the customer really wants or doesn’t know they want. I know what I want and I don’t feel I’m alone. That is to have my all time statement pieces that I can throw on and feel amazing in, despite how I might actually be feeling inside. A dress that can change your life, that can hug your body in the right places, that speaks when you don’t want to. A garment that brings out your inner Audrey.




This pink number was my all time favourite that he designed for her, she wore it in one of the best adaptations in history ‘Breakfast At Tiffanys’. Although the dress is worn in the darkest scene, she looks timelessly elegant throughout – Now, what woman can look amazing while they scream and throw things erratically… Audrey.  


Although we have lost 2 legends, their timeless style lives on. They continue to inspire people like myself and more designers should take one from his book and find themselves an Audrey. FYI I’m up for the right designer partnership, I’ll happily be someones Audrey 😉 there are too many cheap and pointless brand partnerships out there that sell nothing but death and lies. Be a good influence not just any old paid influence.

Be more Givaudrey (see what I did there ;))


I hope you enjoyed this post

Keep Styling






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