Fashion Revolution Week //#Lovestory

. A love letter to my sunnies .

It was love at first sight. I cannot believe it’s been 6 years. I was a careless collage student roaming around Perth airport when you caught my eye and now an ambitious entrepreneur with an unconditional love for you. Oh how we have grown together. You have been the most reliable item I have ever and will ever own. You never fail to make me look and feel a million dollars. I remember when I lost you while styling one of my first ever shoots and some kind lady handed them in – I don’t know how I would have replaced you. You were my first christmas gift from the love of my life, you were in a box, in a box inside a huge box. I had no idea you were in there. When I’m down, when my eyes are swollen from my sad crying days, when I don’t want eye contact with strangers, when the sun is bright and when it is not, you are there for me. Even though you are battered and scratched (I wish I cared for you better) you still work, your remain in one piece, damaged from life just like your owner, you’ve had some tough times especially when out of your case. But you are there. You are there to pick me up, to grace my face. To give me security and protection always.

I just want to say thank you, and heres to many more years! I cannot wait until I can afford to get mum your twin so she too can feel as amazing as I do when I wear you.

I love you Prada’s

Processed with VSCO with a4 preset

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