It’s Fashion Revolution Week// Rant Time

This week marked 5 years since the Rana Plaza collapse in Bangedesh – where 1,135 people lost their lives due to poor construction, bad auditors and overall, inhumane business strategies. If you have watched The True Cost you will be more aware of the disaster, if you haven’t please do give it a watch – we cannot dismiss what we are crucially a part of and what impact, we as individuals have on our planet and the people on it. 

It was this disaster that started a revolution – The Fashion Revolution 

There have been steps to a create and maintain a more ethical work environment in Bangladesh (our real fashion capital) however not enough, the equipment and time used to create our high street pieces need to be monitored. Since the Rana plaza there have been numerous factory fires in Bangladesh along with audits being faked not to mention children being abused so most of the western culture can have cheap clothing.  This was shown on Exposure, where very brave journalists went undercover to expose some of the monsters behind our unethical high street factories. Check it out on Youtube 

It’s important to know where our clothes come from and where they go afterwards – more than ever due to online shopping, that we become more conscious of what we wear and purchase. The realism of climate change (again our fault) will ensure our children have no future. Despite us being around for billions of years we have only just started to truly destroy our world and ourselves within the last century, plastic bottles only came about in the 1950s and now they pollute our ocean and killing the life that is 70% of what we live on.


What I feel should happen is:

Increase prices in all high street stores making it still affordable for the customers, this may encourage people to buy less and could contribute to the manufactures wage 

Less stock in store and online // once they have all gone. It’s gone. Afterall who wants to look the same as everyone. It’s rather annoying on Missguided when It says: 50 other people viewed this item, Okay I’ll pass thanks. 

Audits to be carried out quarterly in every factory to ensure the safety of the workers, with appropriate work hours being monitored 

Meetings yearly where managers, suppliers and workers get together to talk about past and future improvements 

Stop fake advertisements/ cover ups. H&M YOU CLAIM TO BE ETHICAL WITH YOUR WASTE BINS AND CONSCIOUS COLLECTIONS. BUT YOU ARE ONE OF THE WORST! i stopped shopping there a few years ago. What makes you terrible is you know exactly what to do to grab your customers attention, you know how to manipulate your audience. DID YOU KNOW IF H&M MADE THE ITEMS A PENNY MORE INSTEAD OF THE .99 BS – THAT WOULD FEED A FAMILY FOR A WHOLE WEEK IN BANGELDESH. 

Think long term not short // business can still make huge profits when being ethical, if not more so – with the rise of sustainability taking the forefront priorty in the new generation. I would say the smartest thing to do for retailers and brands is create more and produce less. What I mean by this is: create items that are quality pieces with more natural processes involved. Invest less in marketing and more in manufacturing. 



Fashion Revolution Week 

23-29th April


7 days, 7 ways to get involved:

1. Ask #whomademyclothes. Be curious. Take a photo of your clothing label and tag the brand/retailer on social media, asking #whomademyclothes? When you speak, brands listen, so use your voice.

You can also ask brands #whomademyclothes via email. Visit our homepage and use the easy email tool to contact brands directly. 

2. Sign the manifesto and share our vision for a fairer, safer and cleaner fashion industry. We need your voice. Let us rise up together and turn this dream into reality!

3. Write a postcard to a policymaker. Your voice matters, use it! Write a postcard to a policymaker and ask them what they’re doing to create a fairer, safer, cleaner more transparent fashion industry.

4. Create a love story. Take a stand against disposable fashion and create a Love Story about an item of clothing you cherish and will never throw away! Because #LovedClothesLast

5. Try a #Haulternative Take part in our #haulternative challenge and update your wardrobe without buying new clothes. Choose from vintage, 2nd-hand, clothes-swapping, DIY and more!

6. Go to an event Check out our online calendar for events happening near you, from workshops to film screenings, catwalks and panel discussions. Or why not put on your own event? Submit your event details here.

7. Donate To continue to grow Fashion Revolution as a global movement for change, we need your financial support. Please donate and help us keep going from strength to strength.

Find out more



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