Filter Test // VSCO C1

If like me you love a good VSCO filter for the gramm – you will appreciate this one I came across! maybe it’s new maybe it’s ancient, either way it’s beaut! it brings out the greens, the warmth and depth of an image. I don’t manipulate my images, I simply just add a VSCO filter on top and turn up the contrast – maybe play with the exposure and clarity a tad. In the past I have always used either A4 or A5 filter, primarily A5 – below is an example of A5 and my new love, C1  Continue reading “Filter Test // VSCO C1”

Capture My Style

It can take seconds or hours – in some cases days to get the perfect shot and even then, perfection is subjective. This was the one of the first photoshoots I had worked on in front of the camera, I’m usually more comfortable being behind – directing and styling.  This day I channelled my inner Lissy Roddy, curated unique images with 2 great collaborators to show my own style, monochrome pieces that I always feel comfortable in no matter what. And that is a huge part of style; comfort. Knowing what works for your body as well as your mind

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Thai Street Food: ZAAP

After watching the first episode of Someone Feed Phill on Netflix, I was in the mood for some good Thai food, not thinking we’d stumble on this perfect gem – and in Leeds! The atmosphere, the cocktails, the service and the food were all absolute perfection so if you ever see a ZAAP be sure to pop in and indulge  Continue reading “Thai Street Food: ZAAP”

For The Morning

Mornings can be the hardest. Painfully fast, my body isn’t at all in sync with time 

I’m craving a neck massage as much as my next cup of caffeine 

Brain overloaded with thoughts from before and vivid dreams previous

What do they mean?

So I google

Or rather Dream moods that shit Continue reading “For The Morning”

13 Reasons Why // #MentalHealthAwareness

It’s about time we talk, share and reveal whats really going on in that brain of ours. Lets start by breaking the taboo that suffocates society everyday.

Image Credit // Adobe Stock © amirage #131286421

So the second season of 13 Reasons Why has started now and it’s a fight in court between the school and the parents, on who caused Hannah to take her own life. I love this series because it tackles many issues that are still dismissed despite being more relevant than ever   Continue reading “13 Reasons Why // #MentalHealthAwareness”

Capture My Style // Photoshoot Pt.1

I couldn’t be happier with the outcome, I wanted to be a blogger with a voice and only a voice but my wise mum made me realise that a voice needs a face – I love looking at other fashion bloggers personal style shoots, I didn’t think I could articulate my style exactly how I wanted but when you have the right people working with you, you can do that and more.

This was a collaboration was a part of a Final Major Project for 2 very talented photography students at Birmingham City University, Who want to educate their old skool teacher – making him realise there is a gap in a huge market for photographers wishing to specialise in blogger production and collaboration. Capture my style part one is a series of images showing the importance of sustainable style. All clothes here are either secondhand or hand me downs, exempt my white shirt which was from Lidl! Here we capture authentic style in the second city – not to mention the youngest in Europe that is booming not just for big businesses but for all the individual creatives that make the city so uniquely wonderful Continue reading “Capture My Style // Photoshoot Pt.1”

For The Love Of ELLE

It will be 10 years ago this December, since I picked up my first issue of Elle, UK (Jan 2009) Now I understand what a decade feels like I must say: It’s surreal it was that long ago! Yet feels like it was a lifetime ago

Anyone else remember Elle collections? Continue reading “For The Love Of ELLE”