For The Love Of ELLE

It will be 10 years ago this December, since I picked up my first issue of Elle, UK (Jan 2009) Now I understand what a decade feels like I must say: It’s surreal it was that long ago! Yet feels like it was a lifetime ago

Anyone else remember Elle collections?


My first issue

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Opening and not quite understanding these pages was the first career step I ever made.

I was an old and odd teen, having started pubity at just age 9 –  I felt abnormal in my mediocre small town surroundings. Elle gave me pure escapism, making me feel less abnormal. My mum had tons of magazines stacked up (mainly Cosmo) but I didn’t touch them until a few years later when I wanted to learn about sex. Yes Cosmopolitan magazine was my birds and bees guide, and a good one at that! Elle however was and Is much more than that. It was my future and in many ways, my friend. From the inspiring photoshoots to the real life relations features – It was my sanctuary during my tough teen years. I say tough as I nearly lost my mum, she spend most of my last years of high school in and out of hospital, I was living in a dump that had no hot water, furniture or carpets – my first love slept with my best friend and I couldn’t stand to live with my dad as I didn’t care for any kind of discipline. I grew up with zero rules and zero role models. This isn’t a sob story, I loved my childhood! It was tough at times but whose isn’t?! It was my awkward 14 – 16 phrase where I needed my group of lost friends and of corse my most current issue of Elle.

I didn’t even know who Courtney Love was until this cover shoot and I was obsessed with Nirvana!

My fav covers over the years


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For my 16th Birthday my nan subscribed me to Elle, which was the most magical experience everytime I heard it rustle through the letterbox. The freebies filled up my make-up bag quickly and since then I haven’t ever bought a mascara! nope, I get majority of my make-up from various fashion publications, which I highly recommend even if you don’t read them. (read fashion freebies here)

Fav cover of 2018 so far 

Winnie Harlow, May 2018

Fav Celeb Covers

David Beckham, July 2012

This was an important month in history – when Elle put Beckham on the cover. The first male on a women’s fashion magazine, and why not right? how many women grace the covers of GQ?! An innovative cover with a British icon, opened my mind to style over fashion. Absolutely timeless.

Emma Watson, 2014 / 2017

It was when I read Emma Watson’s take on feminism that I realised that was the future. Not primarily females but acceptence in being a woman. Steps to equality – a vision where the future is all of us, together. Where we can appreciate gender indifference and enjoy being a woman in the modern world. Now I look at this image; these covers could be from the same shoot. The styling is clean, pure, classy and fresh, just like Emma.

Lily Allen, 2014/2016

Its only now that I know Lily Allen is a genius! She really does know how to express herself. A woman with a motive and a message is a woman on a mission. Her music has always been relevant and real. Have you heard her new single on her new album No shame? Hard Out Here:

“If I told you ’bout my sex life, you’d call me a slut
When boys be talkin’ about their bitches, no one’s makin’ a fuss”

Anyone relate? anyone been slut shamed for being open about sexual experiences? no more inequality for us bitches!

Seeing Victoria Beckham’s style develop over the years has helped me with my own self identity. I remember at just aged 13, thinking how glamours it would be to marry a footballer, to support someones sporty career as well as my own. It wasn’t until she started to become a fashion designer that I realised she made herself. Not him. Well more accurately, they made each other. The Spice Girls may have had some impact 😉 No one can take full credit for what you achieve as an individual in life but they can thrive in your success and share it with you. She wouldn’t be her without David, he wouldn’t be him without her. They complete each other.

Spice Girls changed pop culture, they created diversity not only in the music scene but in the world. They were fresh and free, promoting the possibilities of the future of women.

There is no doubt she is one of the best artists in history… like my pun 😉 A woman who doesn’t age a day and doesn’t fail to get you singing along to her unique voice. From I’m just a girl to sweet escape – she has been a huge part of my life and most 90s babies. Don’t Speak is still a huge banger, it continues to make me feel the same as It did as a kid, and it came out the year I was born, IKR!

The misunderstood queen that is Lana Del Rey has helped me accept my own crazy thoughts, she’s put my love life into perspective with her profound poetry has given me a true goal – to live the American dream like a pro. In 2014 she released West Coast while I was experiencing the west coast for the first time. Ultraviolence album helped me through my depressive 2nd year of uni and the song, well It is myself and my love:

“I love you the first time
I love you the last time
‘Cause I’m your jazz singer
And you’re my cult leader
I love you forever, I love you forever.”

People that don’t know her work, take her too literal. She’s not actually a sad girl, she’s one of the happiest! she knows real life struggles, she knows how to find the light in the dark. Having studied philosophy, she has a way with words and ways.  You either love her or hate her and her fans are more of a cult than a following.

Love, I said real love is like feelin’ no fear
When you’re standin’ in the face of danger
‘Cause you just want it so much
A touch from your real love
Is like heaven takin’ the place of somethin’ evil
And lettin’ it burn off from the rush, yeah, yeah

In 2014, I had joined my boyfriend at the other side of the world for an epic adventure – driving down highway 101 from Portland, Oregon to LA, California. It was mid journey that he surprised me to this issue of Elle (Angelina Jolie cover) he knows how much I adore her and Elle, it was the perfect pismo beach read 🙂 The french one is from one of his solo work adventures. It’s always special to receive a magazine, not from your country of residence as It opens your mind to how other people around the world read their fav magazines. Read Down On the West Coast post here

I’m pretty sure these are non existent now, the matte finish and unconventional bridal looks make them timeless, in my eyes. Elle Wedding 2014

 Last but not least – Elle, USA, May 2018. From the latest American road trip, this time on the east coast. 

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

Thank you to Lorraine Candy for giving me years worth of inspiration and to the new Editor -In-Chief of Elle,UK; Anne Marie Kurtis. Thank you to Nina Garcia for our US editions. You three give me direction in life. You make me realise why I’m starting my own publication and why I hope to create content that will inspire lost little girls like my old teen self. Stay tuned for more ELLE Inspo


Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed this post. Please feel free to comment about your favorite magazines



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