For The Morning

Mornings can be the hardest. Painfully fast, my body isn’t at all in sync with time 

I’m craving a neck massage as much as my next cup of caffeine 

Brain overloaded with thoughts from before and vivid dreams previous

What do they mean?

So I google

Or rather Dream moods that shit

Oh so I’m apparently still in a rut and feel inadequate, alone and unsatisfied in my small life 

I feel my enough of my conscious is fighting for that to be wrong so I should be okay

Has it been half an hour yet so I can eat?

Or yeah time moves fast here, It’s been 2 hours


Having hypothyroidism can make everything a chore, even the simple art of waking up. The only way I can differentiate, is by reflecting on days where I feel okay and awake – or if I look at what everyone does in the AM period. I don’t want sympathy, or to even be understood- just respected for the fact that I don’t wake up all happy go lucky at 8am! I’m more of a 10am groan and grog till I feel I’ve eaten enough to sustain me for the next few hours. If you, or anyone you know struggles with mornings, and the over-all concept of waking up, it’s okay. you are not alone, even if your dream suggests otherwise 😉

Please share your stories or simply tell me so I can share them. We need to stop making people feel bad for their routines, we need to start to respect different way of lives and not judge

Image Credit: Adobe Stock © Diana Vyshniakova #181908879


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