Capture My Style

It can take seconds or hours – in some cases days to get the perfect shot and even then, perfection is subjective. This was the one of the first photoshoots I had worked on in front of the camera, I’m usually more comfortable being behind – directing and styling.  This day I channelled my inner Lissy Roddy, curated unique images with 2 great collaborators to show my own style, monochrome pieces that I always feel comfortable in no matter what. And that is a huge part of style; comfort. Knowing what works for your body as well as your mind

This look:

Beret // Secondhand 

Glasses // Amazon 

Shirt // Lidl 

Bra top  // H&M (2013)

Skirt // Made by Mum 

Shoes // Converse, Schuh 

Tassel Bag // Skinny Dip (Secondhand) 


No I don’t want to be exactly like Lissy Roddy and  I understand there is a lot of stigma behind bloggers ‘copying’ other bloggers, however you can be inspired and have your own twist on it – in turn making it yours, owning the image and the look. I love Lissy’s style, theres nothing wrong with taking inspo, we all do it – whether with intention or not.

I hope you like this image as much as I do and If you take inspiration from it please share it and let me know – don’t be afraid and hit that button!




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