Sewing Workshop 1 // From Sketch To Skirt

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Although I know how to sew and have done so throughout 50% of my education I never really loved it. It was first year of uni, I decided I didn’t want to be a fashion designer and that I didn’t really want to sew at all. Now I’m out of education and I wish to master the life skill, I so closely started to grasp. People don’t always realise what goes into making a garment, the fastenings, the type of threads, zips, zipper feet, patterns, Bias cuts etc. My mum however is an absolute expert! she can make anything! She made me this skirt from looking at my rough sketch, she knows her fabrics, her machines and all the in-between parts. We’ve been working on little sewing projects, and plan to document our method of construction in the most easy ways possible. This was just a tester skirt to get her back on the machines (which she’s avoided due to her mental health) and now they are set up and we have enough fabric to make 20 collections! we’ll be uploading our progress. From cape up-cycling and choker making to 80s power suiting re-adaptations. Mum took control of this skirt, to get back into it and get it ready for a BBQ that I was attending that very evening, I spent the afternoon making the choker to match. I’m so happy with what we did, I cannot wait to make more. Stay tuned for more sewing posts and in the next one we will show and tell you exactly how we did it step by step but for now, enjoy our teaser tester post on this floral number

Easy peasy to make this choker:

Cut 2 strips of fabric 

 Sew together (right sides facing each other) 

Turn inside out (mums tip; use a long kitchen utensil to manipulate the fabric and pull it through) 


Sew edges to secure or wonder web 

Add hoop 

Tie at the back 🙂 

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