I Understand You, Kate

I did this illustration as a previous post on Female Creative Directors and it saddens me that I’m doing a separate one, dedicated to Kate Spade and her struggles. But here it is and I hope you get something from it, I hope you read it all and ignite your own spark inside to speak – because all we have is our precious time and each other  Continue reading “I Understand You, Kate”

Foodie Diary: Home Is Where…

There is nothing more satisfying than eating an healthy insta worthy lunch sat in quaint  independently run cafe – or there isn’t in my foodie world! This was a gem we stumbled upon when collaborators and I were capturing personal style shots for this blog. I had to do a separate post for the place as it really was wonderful, and I’d never heard of it or seen it before despite living in Birmingham for the past 4 years. Home Is Where…. Continue reading “Foodie Diary: Home Is Where…”

South East City Search: USA

Savannah | Charlotte| Atlanta

Could you tell within 10 minutes of being in a city if you could live there? I can, maybe it’s a gift, maybe everyone can in some way. There aren’t many places that I’ve been that I could see myself living my best life in, but the ones I do, always have an impact! Like Portland in the US or Venice in Italy and 1 of the following 3 below:

Continue reading “South East City Search: USA”

Capture My Style Photoshoot Pt.2

Be patient and please wait for the layout to load – I created this in Indesign to save on memory I have left on WordPress and to create a more unique layout. The outfits in this post are either homemade by my myself and my mum, handed down from a  friend, second-hand or have been purchased over 3 years ago – I hope to inspire sustainable style and encourage you to invest in products that work for you and your lifestyle and that you don’t need the latest ‘IT’ item to look and feel like your authentic stylish self  Continue reading “Capture My Style Photoshoot Pt.2”