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Could you tell within 10 minutes of being in a city if you could live there? I can, maybe it’s a gift, maybe everyone can in some way. There aren’t many places that I’ve been that I could see myself living my best life in, but the ones I do, always have an impact! Like Portland in the US or Venice in Italy and 1 of the following 3 below:

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Savannah, GA

The historic city in Georgia (the oldest city infact!) It’s a place with space, hidden gems, art deco buildings, buskers and a great hub for artists and students – with an eclectic mix of talents all around downtown. People are friendly and happy here, it’s defiantly a place I wish to explore more in the near future. Tybee Island is somewhere I’d love to go – a little holiday island just off the river front. A perfect weekend getaway for the people in Georgia and surrounding states. Here are a few things I loved about it:

2018-08-03 13:57:47.329SCAD (Savannah College of Art And Design) 



This was a real gem I stumbled upon when strolling through Savannah. The overall vibe was completely chilled and extremely welcoming. Not like some collages and Universities you find in the UK. They had a museum dedicated to the alumni, which as an art graduate I’d never seen articulated this way! the whole communal garden was an installation featuring conceptual pieces by students and graduates. I got speaking to a lovely fashion student in the campus art shop and she told me how much she enjoyed studying there, so much so she works in the campus shop outside class times. The shop was sooo different to the one in Birmingham, UK! where we’d be queuing up for the last sketchbooks and glue sticks – with no tracing paper or layout pads insight!, where as SCAD has shelves worth of supplies and stock piled high along the walls!







Processed with VSCO with a5 presetThe Olde Pink House 





This place was one of the best dining experiences I have ever had! It ticked all the boxes and some. Firstly we arrived at peak time with no reservations and after being lead from the ground floor to the underground floor; we were told it would most likely be a 2 hour wait. Until a kind young waiter greeted us and guided us to an already reserved table! He asked us what drinks we would like and where we were from. The candle lit room was filled with a timeless elegance, there was an old glamours lady playing the piano and singing live by the fireplace – it was Game Of Thrones meets Great Gatsby! I had pecan chicken, followed by a praline basket which was so delicious and unique. The staff were wonderful, we needed up spending 3 hours there, relaxing, talking, eating and smiling the night away.





2018-08-03 14:02:32.126 Savannah Underground Market 



Now this is where I would shop if I were a local, for all things vintage fashion and interior. I loved the random organised mess of the store layout and the old Chesterfield cigarette advertisement as you walked down the stairs, into the underground Aladdin’s cave. So beaut! I wish I could have walked away with the drinks trolly, moon tea cup painting, exit sign and the 80s bomber jacket!




2018-08-03 13:42:59.553River House

After a long morning of walking around, we decided it would only be right to sit by the river front and grab some locally sourced seafood. This is where fate happened…. a lady who worked there was giving away coupons for free green fried tomatoes to people passing by, and Jim asked if we could have some too. Then the following conversation was about our mums and that their fav film and fav book, that is Green freed Tomatoes At The Whistle Stop Cafe. I had not read or seen the film so I had no idea it was anything to do with Georgia during this meal. (TBC)



Open Exhibitions


And A Few Random Shots… 









Although I couldn’t live in Savannah, I would absolutely go for holidays and weekend getaways.

Charlotte, NC



Arriving at Charlotte was bizarre, it felt like a toy town to me, we arrived around 9pm on a saturday night and everyone was celebrating a Mexican holiday that I’m pretty sure Mexicans don’t even celebrate! People were wearing tacos and sombreros drunkenly screaming, police were everywhere. First impressions weren’t great, we were tired from driving all day and we just wanted to go to bed, but we didn’t. Instead we got dressed and went for a drink and mac & cheese balls then headed back to hotel for a meal. The city at night (where we explored, seemed on edge and sticky) I appreciated the music and youth culture but apart from that I wanted to get out of dodge and never return. We did however meet some cool people in the hotel bar which was a delight! they were in town for a wedding so we had a couple of cocktails with them. I think we must have had one too many as an argument over nothing occurred when we got back to the room, safe to say: we woke up groggy and craving a burger so we checked out early and I’m pretty sure we will never go back there. Thanks but no thanks. Oh and I knew after being here for 2 seconds, It wasn’t my kind of city – hence the only 2 pics I got.

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Skyline view from Azure on the park

Atlanta, GA

Atlanta is something else! I was intrigued the moment I stepped outside of the airport. I’d done some research and I got that it’s one of the most dangerous cities in the world, it’s full of aspiring artists and entrepreneurs, especially on the hip hop scene –  which is my kinda art 😉 Elton john lives there 50% of the time (random but cool as) it has a huge gay and queer scene (Queer Eye is filmed here) YAAASSSSS! To me cities don’t belong to countries of states or counties but to the world. Cities usually have a diverse range of people. The ones who maybe feel they don’t belong at home can sometimes feel they belong in a city. Thats why, to me (in order for me to stay sane) I need a city life, maybe not 24/7 and 365 days of the year but I certainly don’t prefer small town country living all the time.





Its hot, humid and happy. The streets are literally covered in rainbows! so cute. Piedmond park is like a dream – with everyone from all walks of the earth connecting, moving and experiencing life in the moment. I’m not gong to lie, the vastness scares me somewhat, but thats one of the things I thrive off, It’s one of the reasons I loved Birmingham (UK) so much. It makes me feel alive, that I care that I’m alive – and having a recent history of wanting to die everyday has made me appreciate wanting to live everyday. Soooo yeah, Atlanta is the one for now. Plus my boyfriend has a job around here so thats the reason for these city searches and why I’m here in the states right now! In ATLANTA!, so I can help support him and guide him. To love him and explore America with him. Because june 2014 was when we both fell in love with the natural beauty of the US and ever since, we’d pictured having a life here. We plan to spend our weekends camping and wondering. There are so many fashion and blogger events around so I cant wait to attend them and meet some cool people!

I’m fully aware that it isn’t perfect but no where is, and I feel that a politician, president or prime minister doesn’t reflect a whole country and all the people living in it. And their certainly not a reason to avoid going somewhere.

(Read Down On The West Coast here)

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Lovin Loews 






In between cities…

2018-08-03 10_38_33.113


2018-08-04 14_16_06.002

So we are driving through Georgia, making our way back to Atlanta when I see a sign for The Whistle Stop Cafe in the corner of my eye! a few miles down the road we stop at a little town, exactly where the film and books are based! this is the fate I mentioned earlier! We couldn’t believe that after years of knowing eachohter we’d never mentioned the book despite it being one of Jims faves! I call my mum as soon we arrive to tell her and she is soo excited. Unfortunately we turn up and it is closed for refurbishment, so no green fried tomatoes for us that day. The film is set in Alabama but filmed in Georgia, I go to a nearby local shop and speak to a wonderful woman who has been there for years and never once had the famous tommies in the cafe, she did have one distaruous date one time there. We spoke for a good hour about our lives and I walked away feeling so connected to the world around me. That feeling that only comes when being somewhere completely new to one. She gives me an RC and a moon pie then we hit the road once more.





2018-08-04 14_15_30.986

The Whistle Stop Cafe 



2018-08-04 14_16_01.551

This was where I got to know the local shop keeper Angela, the woman I previously mentioned, she told me about how much of a huge attraction Juliette had been since the film. I signed the tourist book feeling pretty unique as I was the only person from England in a while, and I’m prettyy sure I was the only person from Barnsley in the whole book. I hope to take mum one day so we can sit and try fried green tomatoes while listening to the train and the quiet hustle of locals and the odd tourist.





Random shots…



And the magazines I brought home…

Magazines are always a huge part of every journey I have, I don’t only find out about local events but I get inspired every time!

2018-07-03 13_16_03.864.jpg

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