I don’t know about you but I’ve been curious about the new filter that has been dominating my news feed on Instagram as of late, so I googled;

‘What is the new filter on insta?’


HUJI is an app that acts like a disposable camera, giving you a vintage-esque, cooler toned and sometimes out of focus outcome. It’s optional to have the date of the image within the edit too which is what intrigued me initially. It’s free to download but charges 99p to upload images that you’ve already taken (absolutely worth the investment in my opinion)


I experimented with HUJI for the first time at one of my best friends wedding and we were all so pleased with the shots and so the word started to spread.

HUJI adds so much depth and character to a shot with each image being slightly different while still remaining coherent – which is essential when you care about how aesthetically pleasing your Insta feed is. I’ve found that I have saved time as I’m not focusing on things like, exposure and clarity like I do in VSCO cam. VSCO is still my go-to app if i’d like to edit more speficially but as I’d like to focus more on written content for this blog and my magazine, spending less time editing is much more efficient. As there is nothing more precious than time.

Some Random Edits:

The HUJI hype is strong and even the biggest and most successful of bloggers have jumped on the bandwagon so if anything, you gotta take one from Chiara Ferragni’s books.

Screen Shot 2018-07-16 at 19.15.31.png

Please feel free to share your edits with me, I’d love to see what you’ve created with HUJI – in the mean time:




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