3 Main Reasons Why I Blog

I first started blogging in 2012 during college, a Tumblr profile called Hopelessly Devoted To Fashion which mainly consisted of reposts and the odd post about my wardrobe or closet. I was inspired by Style Bubble, The Blonde Salad and Bip Ling

I don’t care about £££ $$$ €€€

What annoys me sooo much is how people perceive bloggers, I use to constantly get asked by family and friends why I did it, my dads bitch of a girlfriend once said when I mentioned it ‘well thats not working is it!’ and she meant because I wasn’t earning any money from it, it wasn’t working. I don’t care if I never earn money from it! it’s my passion, my online diary and a way I connect to people from all around the world. When I started Instagram partnerships didn’t exist. If I didn’t blog I’d feel lost. I have an urge, a creative need to write and be present online, this is not something I can’t switch off and it’s certainly not something I’d give up. I’ve had ups and downs, times where I’ve avoided posting or evening looking at other blogs, but this was due to depression, one of the many symptoms I have with my medical condition.

I love having an insight into someones life, knowing that theres people like me in the world who have the same needs and desires. Blogging has given me a purpose more than a platform. It makes me happy, with or without a pay check! Although it would be amazing to earn money through genuine collaborations/partnerships, this isn’t my main aim. I can earn money in other ways just like anyone can. Blogging is in my nature and If I was in it for the money I wouldn’t last long, because it really is a 24/7 gig. And having partnerships must bring so much pressure at times, so much so that the content may not be as genuine as the blogger had initially hoped.

I know why my blog is not growing fast and thats because I have trouble connecting to my own inner voice and authenticity. I’ve held back from speaking my mind and sharing my struggles due to self esteem issues and negativity from people around me. But slow progress is still progress and I’m getting there with being happy in myself – and that shines through the content I create.

But slow progress is better than no progress

Screen Shot 2018-08-06 at 10.48.27
2018 is already killing previous years and that to me is amazing!

It gives me balance 

I was born to write and create, I feel that every writer knows this. It’s a feeling, It’s an art form and every artist has it in their gut to create. Having my blog filters content what I’m doing for my magazine. My magazine is mainly to curate content to show the work of collaborations, creatives and contributors. To be a platform for artists all over the world, to discuss Taboo topics and promote slow style over fast fashion. A representation of the power of collaboration and words. However my blog is more my own personal opinion and insight into my life and development.

Allora is more for my collaborators and contributors, a place where work can be published in unconventional methods. My blog helps me reduce my own bias opinions from the magazine, giving it a personal touch.

I fucking like it, OKAY?!

Where I’m from, it’s not normal to be an entrepreneur and especially a blogger! When people ask what I do, I say with pure enthusiasm:

‘I create content. I blog, I write, I style, I creatively direct and curate collaborations.’

‘Is it good money?’ they ask

‘It can be, however I don’t get paid for it RN’ I reply.

I get the all so confused stare and then they move onto something else. It’s conventional and respectable to get a factory job at Asos, a local bar job or a care work placement. Then save for a car and a house – prep for a baby by 25. Theres nothing wrong with those jobs or lifestyles, I just know it’s certainly not for me, because what ever I do, I have to put all my energy and effort to be the best I can be at whatever it may be. I didn’t enjoy retail work but after using my initiative and creativity within my sales assistant role, I got promoted to brand manager shortly after because of a 40% sale increase; having only being there 11 weeks. I have to work sooo hard because if I don’t, I don’t see the point. Thats one of the reasons I didn’t get a part time bar job or retail job after finishing uni while being at home, because I had little energy as it was, and the energy I had left, I had to put into my self improvement, my blog and magazine.

The next time someone asks why I blog, I’ll simply reply with ‘ I fucking like it okay?!’ or I’ll say, why do you breathe? to live? exactly. I blog to stay sane, to live and to grow, develop in myself, engage and connect with he huge world that is available for us all.

–  Keep Styling your own life guys –

Image Credit: Adobe Stock © victoria #204273299


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