London BBY

I absolutely LOVE a trip to London! Jim and I drove down to get his visa for the US! And we most certainly made the most of it. We explored places he’d never been (Dalston and Shoreditch) FYI I feel Daltson is the new Shoreditch!

The Park Plaza was a great night stay. The bar overlooking the Thames was a delight with food and cocktails to compliment.

Random shots


2018-07-26 20_47_40.331

Chino Latino 

Live music, a view of the river Thames. Amazing mouth watering food and fresh cold cocktails! what could you ask for?! Asian food at its finest! Read the full review here

2018-07-23 23_14_14.856

2018-07-23 21_20_39.495

2018-08-06 13:30:18.400

Chick N Sours 

A newbie on the block and an absolute beaut! Chick n Sours has a somewhat small menu, but don’t be fooled by quantity, because quality is always key –  especially for this place! From the laid back yet efficient service (they have wet wipes at the ready) all the way to the plates, bathroom decor and the food. Their great at marketing too (stick on a tattoo and get a free cocktail!) sure it’s not the healthiest but you can get healthier options, You don’t have to order a big burger like me. They also supply local beers, collaborating with the production and packaging. The outdoor seating is limited but wonderfully intimate.

Beigel Bake 

2018-07-26 20_34_59.826

Now these local ladies aren’t poise or professional and thats why its soo cool! Cash only and you have to know what you want as they want wait up, there is always a question for the fresh beef and gherkin bagels so take a look at the menu for other options beforehand. Theres no wasting time in one of the most popular food places on Brick lane.


Chick n Sours have sweet and sour cocktails – so cute and tasty I had to have two! Above right are chino Latino cocktails, we took our friends after the meal we enjoyed to try out some unique mixers.

Ice Ice BABY

London has ice cream and ice ready available for the trying and buying, this sumer has been all about coping with the heat wave, us brits aren’t use to it. Its frustrated how people still ignore that fact that its global warming in turbo mode! Get use to the ice guys, it will be hot a lot more. Oh and don’t take your ice and water for granted – that could be gone soon if we don’t BELT UP!

Speaking of the future of humanity …


The Future Is Here

A little preview for you. This by far was the BEST exhibition I’d ever seen! Go to Allora to read my full review

Print, Tearing It Up

Well it’s great to have to reassurance that I got from this exhibition. PRINT IS NOT DEAD! WOOP WOOP (I already knew) but I couldn’t have been certain until I saw this amazing exhibition.  Read my full review at Allora mag here.

The Influence Project

See also the full review of The Influence Project at Allora mag

I hope you enjoyed this post. If you’ve visited London recently please share your adventures!

– Keep styling, my lovely style feeders-


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