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The month of August saw a shift in my lifestyle. For a while I’d been neglecting my heath –  emotionally eating, barely excersising and smoking everyday. I was giving up, on my dreams and my life. I punished myself by neglecting my physical health. For years I’d been misdiagnosed and mis treated for my condition and I got tired of fighting the system and fighting everyone around me who thought I was over reacting or simply depressed. It was mum that listened and saved me. I truly wanted to give up on life. After uni I started stagnating in my home town, so much so it drove me even more crazy . As much as I love being at home with my family I know that it isn’t good for my mental wellbeing in the long term. I belong in a city with all the other people that usually don’t belong in their hometown. That is what I love about cities – they don’t belong to a country, county or state, but to the world, there full of people from everywhere with all kinds of dreams and ambitions.

Change Of Scene 

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On the 1st August, I came to Atlanta to help get my boyfriend get settled into his new life. Already I am mentally and physically slowly getting healthier and this last week I embraced on a whole new journey – to become an online fitness coach. I never expected to do anything like this! and if someone told me I’d be doing this a year ago I would not have believed them, I couldn’t even comprehend a year from then, I was simply, just trying to get through the day – trying to survive, trying to not kill myself.

Me? An Online Fitness Coach?!

Being a coach makes so much sense now. I spent my last £200 on fitnesss videos, a mentor, a website and nutrition guides – an overall investment. The second reason was to help people; I know that If I’m helping other people it will push me to continue for myself. I’ve started with a 21 day beginner challenge pack. On a morning I’ll stick to my own half an hour routine that I have made which will be available next month for a free download: ‘The Lazy Girl Morning Guide To Toning Up’  I don’t know about you but it takes me a while to adjust to the world on a morning, so an high intense cardio session is not a preferred priority. Late afternoon or early evening I will do the 21 day challenge which is more effective than my own regime.

As a coach I’d like to encourage people by helping them change their train of thought (what mum has taught me recently) as she truly knows best when it comes to mental health, having suffered depression for more than 20 years. I feel we need to change the motive – by working primarily on improving mental wellbeing rather than trying to physically get somewhere. Our brains and bodies are in sync and when we move our bodies our brain improves and instantly too! We become more alert and focused, less foggy, we improve our mental health so much with exercise and I feel this isn’t addressed or encouraged enough!

Progress So Far

My mental progress has improved significantly this past month – way more than my physical health and strength – although I can see a difference with my hip dips! which is a part of my body I’m most self conscious of –  I feel the difference more internally.

Diet change Lowdown

I’ve been addicted to sugar my whole life and I’ve cut down so much since being here which has been contribution to my weight loss and the amount of body fat percentage. In July I was 31% body fat! I’m not sure what I am now as I don’t have the Fitbit weighing scales in the US. But my end goal BFP to achieve and maintain is around 22% – so we will see in October! (when I’m back in the UK)

  1. Giving up processed sugar and replacing with fruit and natural yogurt
  2. Only dark chocolate and only once a month (sounds crazy but I’m an addict so it’s a must)
  3. Giving up bread – have wholemeal toast on weekends rather than everyday
  4. Cutting cheese out of most meals (reducing dairy, increasing veg/plants)
  5. Red meat only on weekends. (having more fish and chicken in the week)
  6. Drinking more water daily – introducing juices, smoothies and Shakelogy as meal replacements
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My medication/vitamins (I have to take these daily and forever)
Year Lowdown

Dec – Depressed, lost, over weight, smoking daily – crying daily – screaming daily – jogging daily (but no improvement mentally) I start listening to the influencer podcast (which I continue to do now every week)

Jan – Started Hormone Replacement therapy (T3) and lost weight drastically within 2 weeks (approx 20lbs) it caused muscle loss and more stretch marks, VIT D really low. I start a social media detox and start a fresh profile by deleting over 1.2k Insta posts and I block all haters

Feb – New hormones kicks in and depression and anger lifts suddenly! family and friends cannot believe how much better I look and sound

March- Hair starts to fall out in stands by the handful, weight creeps back up – chocolate cravings increase as body fights to find a median

April – Still jogging everyday and walking with dogs twice a day, sugar cravings more in control – photoshoot for blog and magazine as health improves – I’m able to collaborate again!

May – Takes a trip to America and gains more weight due to eating one burger a day!

June – Hair loss increases, depression decreases, migraines start during period (bed bound for 3 days during and vomiting for one day)

July- Good month for getting the magazine back on track as mental health improves. Another bad period with migraine

August – Gym every morning before breakfast – doing my homemade lazy girl morning work out plan – Quit processed sugar – compensates with carbs (not so good) Mental health improves because of leaving comfort zone and experiencing a new city – I get scouted on instagram to become and online health and fitness coach – I invest £160 into the program and I start a new work out plan (beginner plan for 21 days) As I write this my body aches from day one (in the best kind of way) I work on my blog, magazine and social media content everyday! I start connecting to more people on a new app called DAYFLASH and I attend a fashion event, I make friends and start to have a social life again. Not being at home helps me manage my time better and start fresh with new goals and work out routines. My family express how proud they are of my progress which pushes me more to continue (especailly for my 12 year old nephew) who I aim to inspire more than anyone. Hair loss still happening along with migraines (during period) but I’m slowly going to rectify these and do the best I can do to control them both. I hear about a fitness coach named Sterling Griffin through the inlufencer podcast so I start listening to his coach podcast (daily during my morning work out) to keep my mind focused.

Join me and improve your own mental and physical wellbeing today! I’ll be posting more on this topic and hopefully build up enough confidence to vlog about it all too! Stay tuned for more and maybe you will get your self a challenge pack and start a work out routine to fit into your everyday life. After all we are all stylists of our own lives.

– Keep styling, my lovely style feeders-


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