Beyond Meat; The Plant Burger

My boyfriend sent me this BBC article; The Dad Who Feeds His Son Burgers Everyday

A burger that is healthy?! is exactly what I need in my life! So I hopped on a Bird and rode to Whole Foods the next morning. We enjoyed these beauties on the grill on the rooftop of Lilli; a 20+ story apartment building overlooking amazing Atlanta skyline. It was a night to remember! and the best Tuesday night we have ever had.

The burgers exceeded expectation, they tasted soo good and have the same texture as meat with beet root juice is used as an alternative to blood, it is even the same colour as meat! Beyond Meat is selling out fast and there are many reasons why! not only are the products healthy but ethical too. More and more people are going meat free or having veggie days more than meat dominated days and that is not only great for our wellbeing but the wellbeing of our planet. I’m not a vegetarian but I am making an effort to eat less meat. The Beyond Burger has changed our BBQs forever! No longer will we search for cheese filled beef burgers but rather; we will be searching all the stores that stock Beyond Meat products. The concept and products are doing so well that they will be available in the UK and other places in Europe soon so expect plant burger world domination and soon!

I hope you liked this post and if you have tried any meat free meals please share them with me

– Keep styling, my lovely style feeders-



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