Allora development: Covers Revealed!

This is the first time I have shared real development of my magazine; Allora. I have recently published a post on to share how talented fashion photographer Jessica Rose Lena is. She and model collaborator, Hannah Burton have made both covers better than I ever imagined! It has been amazing working with them and I cannot wait for more collaborations in the future. 

Photographer: Jessica-Rose Lena
Model: Hannah burton
MUA: Chloe Bradley 
Styling: Paige Goddard 

Jessie and our cover star Hannah create the perfect duo – it’s no coincidence both of them bagged both covers! Photoshoots were only 3 months apart but you can clearly see the development of all collaborators;  just from these covers alone. The final draft portrays more confidence and certainty with a darker essence. Our draft cover is younger, more playful with the previous idea of who Allora mag initially aimed towards. Since then the target market has shifted, however the ethos remains the same: Culture Over Consumption, Slow Style Over Fast Fashion and People Over Profit. ‘The Vizual Issue’ concept also remains – created by the visualisers for the visualisers. We’ve taken a year off but within that year – we’ve grown up, we’ve focused more on aiming towards the guys as well as the gals. We’ve been through dark times and found a new light. We hope you love it. We hope it intrigues and inspires you, because we have a lot to offer in this issue. We have a vision as well as a voice. And if Jessica and Hannah don’t sell it, no one will.

See the final covers HERE!

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and if you have any feedback on the covers please share!

– Keep styling, my lovely style feeders-



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