New Month New Goals: Goodbye Gluten

01 | 10 | 2018 

I woke up today feeling quite energetic which I always like to make the most of by trying my absolute hardest in my morning workout routine. I have a thyroid disorder so my energy levels fluctuate intensely throughout the day. This mornings workout was followed by a bacon, cheese, scrambled egg bagel and a coffee, I know what are thinking… what is the point of working out so hard then eating it away right after? Thing is I love food soooo much and the biggest motivation of the workout is because I know I’ll eat right after. I’m a sucker for sugar and carbs! so much so I’ve let my body suffer for it for far too long!

It wasn’t until I took my bloated bagel belly into the shower that I felt like I needed to make serious adjustments to my diet. I was soo bloated, my stomach is still burning as I type and it was hours ago since I ate breakfast! I did my Google and Pinterest research like you do and it turns out that ALOT of the symptoms I have (that I automatically blamed only condition) are also linked to gluten intolerance. I have always had a sugar problem, and I was always the one who suffered most from hangovers in my binge drinking days. I have no medical proof just yet but I’m convinced I have a problem with gluten. Only time and tests will tell.

I have these symptoms more than often – and I cannot believe some of these are gluten intolerance symptoms;





Stomach pains 

Unusual bowel movements 

Unexplained weight loss and gain 

These are also symptoms of the condition I suffer with (hypothyroidism) so in the past I’ve automatically blamed that. It’s not until today that I am blaming my diet too. When you have a condition you need to look after yourself more than someone who doesn’t. I am determined to have a better life – to help myself for the longer impact. To finally overcome my sugar addiction.

I started my new lifestyle with lunch; I ordered a gluten free cauliflower rice at Zoes Kitchen – it was tasty, filling and proof that my new lifestyle will be delicious!

It’s a new month and my absolute fav time of year! I’m determined to have a healthier mind and body, to influence my loved ones along the way and to overall; be happier in myself. It starts now – my gluten free journey begins – I’ll keep you updated on both the highs and lows. I’ll hopefully inspire you to make positive diet adjustments to help not only your physical health but your mental health too.

Wish me luck!

Image Credit: Adobe Stock |  © tabitazn | #221028943

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and please share any sudden lifestyle changes you’ve had recently or intend to have this season

– Keep styling, my lovely style feeders-



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