Netflix Strikes Again: Quick Review

Netflix is an new form of media that has changed lives, it’s developed the view perspective, challenged huge companies like Youtube and Amazon – it is a movement in itself. Netflix is a platform for many original series, its a space for eye-opening documetanires, an insight into our world and the people, mystery, escapism and raw realism in it. It has changed the way we see things, the way we spend our wednesday nights, its changed the process of a romantic date. nd the best thing of all… there aren’t any advertisements! A real USP of Netflix. I personally like to mix it up – from explained documentaries, exposure of the food industry documentaries and the period dramas and original series they have to offer – not to mention the occasional low budget films I’m proud to soak up. The latest bigne has been one that has made me re-think the powerful movements of women. Where we’ve been and where we are going…

I cannot believe how fast I finished this series! I have been hooked and as I write this I have just finished season 3. I obvs quickly googled to see if a season 4 was a possibility and YES! the Netflix cast have confirmed there will be a season 4, mid 2019 – I simply cannot wait.


Cable Girls is a Spanish tv series set in the 1920s/1930s where the fight for equal rights/freedom for women is high on the agenda. This series tackles modern day issues, issues that have always been there but never fully addressed until the rise of social media – within the last half a decade. This series shows how the fight for the modern world between the big boom and the great depression is much like today. Although the divide between right and wrong seems more prominent now – we are tackling, discussing, protesting, fighting for what is right much like women did at the start of the 1900s. The suffragette movement was the first step for us – it was the brutal sacrifirces that these women made that we need carry on. Thats why the #metoo movement is that that much more important now, so we can carry on what many women started.  This series covers everything from sexuality to terrorism. Don’t let the music put you off, there have been many complaints about the music and I too, was disappointed with that aspect of the series -but the storyline, the drama, mystery and elegance keeps you hooked.

Fonts from Dafont: Market Deco and Riesling

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and please share your fav things on Netflix

– Keep styling, my lovely style feeders-


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