The Style Feed Contents 18/19

I have heard many times that finding a niche is the key to being a successful blogger, which I don’t doubt at all. Maybe ill find my particular niche that I’ll work on more as content develops. I created ‘The Style Feed’ initially to treat as a fashion diary, but because I lacked confidence in front of the camera that never really took off, I haven’t been consistent enough and I only collaborate with blogger photographers every blue moon! Every day life isn’t one topic, but a series of things that accumulate our life; food, fashion, subjects that randomly come to our mind, movements in society, tech, beauty.. the list goes on.

I’d like this blog to be a source of all the random things that curate everyday life – that articulate the overall style of you and your life. Style is everything not just fashion, style is expression, mannerisms, what you eat, who you talk to, what you believe in etc. For example; stereotypical (commercialised in film) American/Italian gangsters usually wear matching tracksuits, eat pizza, smoke cigars and play poker with the gang, in the back of a small local Italian sandwich shop. They also wear gold chains, carry a gun and say things like ‘whatugonnado?’ This is their style. Or it is in The Sopranos anyway 😉

I wish to portray my own personal style the best I can through the following new and old content;

  • Fashion

    • Up-cycling Workshops – show readers through short videos and written posts how to update, re-use and recycle their current wardrobe (to promote sustainable style) I did many of these workshops at university as Vice President of the fashion society and it was so fun!
    • Sewing Workshops – my mum is a very talented seamstress with extensive knowledge on manufacturing. Her depression made her never want to sew again but now she’s more determined than ever to teach me her ways. She’s even set up the kitchen to be a sewing studio for when I return from America, and she’s dying to test out our old Singer overlocker. Her talents need to be shown to the world and her skills shared. I can sew but never had the drive or passion to do it until now – now that I refuse to waste money on cheaply made clothes when I know mum and I can construct almost anything together
    • Styling Tips – I’m great behind a camera, give me a unique rail of clothes, a photographer, interesting location and a model – I’ll curate and direct a strong lead editorial for a fashion magazine but put me in front of a camera (someone else is holding) and i’ll go all Chandler Bing on the spot. However, recently I improved my skills in front of the cam; in a blogger collab conducted in May of this year. I decided that I’ll seasonly collaborate with this photographer and start taking more pics of my outfits to show styling tips as I have plenty to share. ‘Ways to wear’ ‘Styling multi ways’ etc
    • Exhibitions & Events – I have Stylist Live coming up in London this November and a must see fashion illustration exhibition in Atlanta to see so I’ll be posting about these and more events that I attend throughout the seasons. Clothes Minded Atlanta is a post already on its way.
    • Outfit Inspo – much like styling tips I’ll be posting pics of my outfits. I’ll make all available on Pinterest – I have a lot to share, a lot of clothes. Along with mine and mums first ever collection that is in development as I type! Post xmas we will see more of these when I’ll have a new camera WOOP WOOP!
    • BTS – I’ve styled over 30 photoshoots and a I’m a proud finalist of the 3ina Fashion Styling and creative Direction Award from Graduate Fashion Week 2017. I have exciting shoots coming up within the next year, including the following locations; America, Paris, Scarborough and Birmingham. I’ll be posting my BTS from Allora mag to intrigue readers
    • Fashion Education Lessons – Here I share what I have learnt during my fashion education (6 years)
  • Beauty & Wellbeing 

    • GRWM – ‘Getting ready with me’ are my most popular and engaged posts, I love make -up, I always have and I will make more of an effort to post these regularly. I’ve been meaning to do a 60s style one for a while so expect lilac NYX cat eyes on your news feed soon
    • Medical Condition – I have serious mental and physical issues that I have always been ashamed to talk about, but now I have finally started to share – I will continue this in a way I never imagined; expect some truth telling, very personal experiences that are simply to long to write about – I aim to help others like me. Just like Hypothyroid Mom supports me everyday with her knowlageable blog posts
    • Random Relevance – I’ve already shared everything from suicidal prevention posts to my opinion on #metoo so expect more random and relevant posts popping up in the wellbeing section
  • Food & Fitness

    • Recipes – I love cooking but more importantly; I LOVE EATING! I’ll be sharing more recipes (healthier ones) As I have recently cut down significantly on gluten. I am absolutely fed up of tiredness post sugar and carbs, my reliance on bad food has gone on far too long – they’ll be some gluten free Pinterest inspired recipes on the way this Autumn/Winter so you can start feeling the new you pre new year.
    • I Work Out – For my sanity! I didn’t near enough when I was depressed last year and this did not help at all with my condition-with my overall happiness. I’ll share some routines shortly. I’m working on a lazy girl guide to working out which will be available in the new year
    • Healthy living – I love wellbeing blogs and being healthy from the inside is more important than ever, I have more smoothie and juice recipes coming up to help you lose weight and feel great just like I do. I’m a sugar addict and waiting sugar is soooooo hard for me so I understand the struggle and I want to share my joinery to encourage you! my reader, to cut out processed sugar as much as possible. This doesn’t mean never eat cake it just means don’t rely on processed sugar and carbs every single day to get through every day. Yes I wanted that bagel this morning but I didn’t and I felt significantly better for it after!
  • Travel

    • Guides and Galleries – I will continue posting these as I always have. I love to share my fav spots and shots from my wonders. I’ll be reviewing more so on Trip Advisor and I will have to link each one to the account so you can see the reviews more clearly
  • Portfolio

    • Collection 1.0 – expect a new collection that has been manufactured in our kitchen! hey it’s how Zack Posen started out (I don’t wanna be a designer but I do wanna wear amazing clothes) and the only way I can is to make what I want. You’ll also be able to make some of the pieces yourself in our workshop posts! I’ll also update my styling portfolio as I go on with Allora mag vol.2


My mind is full of sooo much and I feel my blog should protray my mind as much as possible, in order for it to be authentic and personal – It is what I’d like to do for a career (along with my magazine ofc) My main aim in life is to be a talented writer & publisher, to curate collaborations and publish digital and print work of my own and others. This blog improves my styling (writing) skills everyday, it helps me style my life how I wish and it’s something I enjoy doing very much. I appreciate every viewer and reader of this blog. I hope to engage more now I have clear objectives and ambitions for The Style Feed.

I hope you like the new and old contents of this blog and please let me know if you’d like me to publish anything else

– Keep styling, my lovely style feeders-


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