Choice Is A Luxury: Health Journey

On the 1st October I said goodbye to gluten and it worked! for days I went gluten free, didn’t eat the morning bagel, Instead I had eggs and potatoes followed by a banana. I had smoothies for dinner and indulged in Zoes Kitchen for lunch. I ate healthy chocolate almonds made with coconut sugar to curb my cravings – It was all well and good until we switched hotels and the only choice I had for breakfast this morning was either cereal or a bagel, I chose the later as cereal never fills me, so it’s not worth the nasty ingredients that to consists of. We spent the weekend with friends where traditional US southern breakfast were made, so I simply couldn’t say no to a biscuit and sausage combo! However I did have a choice afterwards – to have a cinnamon roll or to not. So I had a cinnamon roll too…

Growing up, mum and I were all over financially–a single mum who worked hard but whose money taken advantage off so never really had full control on her own money  –  then she couldn’t work because she had a stroke at 47 and was later diagnosed with a serious heart condition. So throughout my life due to poor money management and circumstances, majority of the time we would have little choice on what to eat; good old baked beans on toast was always a bonus (still is) gotta love the war food 😉

What I’m saying is; choice is a luxury in itself. Poorer people are less likely to starve themselves on purpose due to not having much choice. Needing to eat as they won’t know when the next meal might be available or the supermarket shop won’t be until next pay day. Thus diseases like anorexia and bulimia usually belong to the middle/upper class. Having the choice to say no to food is powerful. It’s pure control. It’s addictive and sometimes life threatening.


Right now, as I’m traveling with my boyfriend I sometimes don’t have the choice to be gluten free as there isn’t an option. I don’t have the cash to spend on GF breakfasts and lunches. I have what the hotel offers and I always take the fruit for mid day snacks to keep me going. When I’m home. I will have more choice; shopping at Aldi again like a pro – getting my smoothie fixes and fresh veggies for a reasonable price, having mums kitchen to cook in. I’ll also be able to go to my docs to see if I actually do have any food intolerances.

I’m sharing this to keep you updated on my health journey. To show that I’m not an hypocrite that promotes and pretends to be healthy and actually isn’t, always. With the rise of wellness and influencers-there are a lot of people spending money and time on things that don’t actually work. I’ll be exploring what is good for my mind and body everyday, sometimes a cinnamon roll is good for the mind and is one choice we can’t say no to once in a while. I’ll be sharing what juices I’ll be coming up with and more smoothie recipes – all the good and bad choices I’ll be making and why.

I hope you liked this post and understood its meaning, I’ll be sharing more on my health journey soon so stay tuned

– Keep styling, my lovely style feeders-


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