Sewing Can Save Us

Our world is dying, we are killing our planet and our selves along the way. There is no time or evidence to deny this

BBC have been on form as of late with articles and documentaries about climate change and the impact that industries are having on our world. This is something I am really passionate about and I have had to be extra conscious when deciding what my place will be, in the fashion industry as it’s what I’ve been learning the past 6 years. The fashion industry worth billions! It is the 2nd most polluting industry on the planet. It takes so much water to produce our clothes; so much you wouldn’t believe, fashion could very well be the end of us, not just humanity but our marine life and the rest! The latest BBC documentary on fashion; ‘Fashions Dirty Secrets’ tells us some of the terrifying facts about the industry and what we are doing. Yes YOU, I, ALL OF US! we are the consumers so we control everything. If we reduce our spending they’ll reduce their making. The world probably needs a full blown consumer strike. But as you know by now companies, brands and individuals will most likely always choose profit over people.


Well one day (and very soon) our possessions and money won’t be worth shit; because we will be fighting for water to drink, land to live on, and natural foods to nourish us. It’s a scary and real thought – that we might actually be the last generation.

‘If the bees die we die’ – Vivienne Westwood 

Insta Impact 

Instagram is one of the reasons why the fashion industry has exelled rapidly and become faster by nature – its a platform for just about anyone to take a brand (which has highs and lows) its also a platform for Influencers to promote mass production to millions of people per profile. One image could sell crazy amounts of product. Some fashion influencers and food influencers don’t even check the product their promoting, they just want a pay check. I’ve had brands message me to collaborate and when I’ve tired to learn more about the brand to see if we share similar ethics, I have zero reply or a simple ‘no sorry’ type response. That is because they care primarily about the money and the process of influencer marketing. Not long term sustainable partnerships that could have great impacts – again this takes us back to profit over people. Over ourselves, because in the end it is us that are killing ourselves.

The Consequences 

A BBC article I read today states we are even closer to the start of the end than we thought! 12 years until the temperature rises again; until more natural disasters happen and more of the wildlife dies. It’s really depressing that there are a lot of people still in denial about climate change. Trying to help save our world is better than doing nothing, there is power in numbers and if enough individuals make little changes, we could have a positive and effective change on our world and our future.

I pretty much included the consequences above but just to clarify;






BUY LESS, CHOOSE WELL (another Viv quote) 


What Now?

We can start with the little steps. If we go back to basics and learn how to sew we can fix our damaged clothes rather than throw them away. The UK is working on banning clothes from landfill which could be one of the best things since introducing the 5p plastic bag. On this blog I will be sharing how you can update your wardrobe by upcycling pieces you already have so you can not only save money but help save the world by consuming less. This blog will help you learn how to sew. Give you tips on how to be more sustainable. All of which can have massive impacts and help save our world. Start with yourself.  Be a sustainable stylist of your own life and help save all life.

 Image Credit: Adobe Stock | © LIGHTFIELD STUDIOS |#166448804

I hope you liked this post and I hope it’s made you think about your next shopping spree, I’ll be sharing more on how you can start sewing to not only save your wardrobe but your world 

– Keep styling, my lovely style feeders-




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