How To Deal With Isolation

(From an introvert) 

Isolation can make you feel useless, out of touch and like you have nothing to contribute to society, it has often made me feel like the world is better off without me. We can manifest both bad and good habits. Times like these have the potential to force us to face our issues head on, with nothing or no one to distract us

Isolation and lockdowns aren’t new to me as I went from a being a poor introverted student, working all hours (solo) – to a depressed graduate who was a homebound carer. Unable to function, work or leave the house. 

The feeling of helplessness that follows isn’t easy. Being forced to claim of the government, stay home and not work was espeaclly hard after studying an Honors degree. I have learnt a lot about myself. When you are forced to stop and live in the moment the only thing you can do is face yourself and your nest.

Luckily, I like my own company and being in my home, and I especially like social distancing. Thats at the best of times! I’ve always been quite popular(despite being introverted). I’m the one that fixes peoples problems, that hosts all the parties, acting like the therapist or mother, majority of the time. So alone time for me is idilic. But we aren’t all comfortable with our own company or rather without the company of others, the days can go so slow and low…

Fortunately I have some helpful tips to make you feel more in touch with yourself, your home and the world: 

Get up, make your bed and get dressed– no not in joggers and pjs! (try gym wear or comfy co-ords) When I’d be working all day at my desk, I’d stop half way through the day; make a coffee and apply some lipstick, bright red or pink. It would instantly make me feel more productive and less like a hot mess

Getting some form of daylight; even if the sun isn’t shining, opening the curtains, being in the garden/outdoors, can work wonders for your health. You only need 20 mins of sunshine to get your daily dose of vitamin D (Lack there of leads to depression and faitgue)

Keeping in touch with friends and family (but don’t feel pressured to just because you are apart from them). The amount of video calling I’ve ignored is unreal, its just not my thing. My friends and family  know I love them and reply hours later. Sharing pics of what you are doing helps you feel more connected. Times like these can connect us to old friends and distant family members. Make us realise that absence really does make the heart grow fonder

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Reading something positive (consciously consuming content) it’s easy to binge watch or scroll randomness or rather badness in these times, try and absorb something that will feed your brain with goodness and knowledge. Try to stick to only 1-2 hours of news content if you can. The only thing most of us can do rn is stay home and stay positive.

Processed with VSCO with c1 presetVision boards & moodboards – think of your goals, think of all the things you’d love to do after this is all over. Look into your local area, places that you could visit. Keep a focus and try and stay inspired. (taking trips locally and in your own country is an ethical option) there is beauty on our doorsteps, if we give it a chance. I know I’ll be focusing mainly in England and Yorkshire, for holidays the next few years. Make a moodboard you can take inspo from – make one you can put into action. Anything that inspires you. Eg, my mum and Alexander McQueen inspire me

Exercise and stretch (pilates in particular helps align the body, stretches the muscles and rejuvenates the mind) I have been taking advantage of the sun and working out in the garden.

Keeping track of days – having an enjoyable tv program to look forward to, i.e Friday Night Dinner , which is on every Friday night ofc. This keeps your body clock in check. Makes you feel like the weekends still exist. 

Creative submissions – having an artistic outlet and working towards a deadline. Every time zine and Create magazine are currently taking submissions. Mindless magazine accept contributions monthly for various sustainable fashion themes. And don’t forget my very own zine Allora, we take submissions all the time and currently free of charge 

This lockdown can be an opportunity for self exploration, a chance to stop and think about our priorities. I’d like to reduce my environmental impact as much as the next hippy, so I have made a pledge to myself to explore my home county and country more, not buy anything I don’t need, and certainly not buy clothes (unless secondhand ofc) 

In the spirt of Fashion Revolution Week and beyond; rather than turning to Asos and Amazon for shopping solutions, try mending or up-cycling your own existing clothes because #lovedclotheslast I made this bucket hat out of a pair of old jeans and I love it so much!

Try these tips and let me know what works for you 


Stay safe, stay home and keep styling 






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