Help A Bee Out #pollinatorweek

If the bees die we die

-Vivienne Westwood

It is pollinator week! 22nd – 28th June 

With bees being one of the main pollinators; we need to look out for them when they may need a help in hand. You could come across a bee that appears dead, but most of the time they are just tired and running low on energy. Their legs will be full of pollen which weighs them down– unable to get back to the nest/carry on their important mission.  You can help them with these little effortless tips:

Energy Assist 

You can help by putting sugar water on a leaf or spoon and placing it close to them, this will give them that energy kick needed to carry on the course of nature. Try to avoid using honey unless it is locally sourced and isn’t a blend of none local honeys. British bees won’t appreciate cross contamination and would prefer British honey. 

It is truly amazing to watch a bee come back to life, from the power of your own effortless efforts. I once saved 4! in just one afternoon in my garden. 

A Pot Palace Fit For A Queen

I read recently in Prima magazine that queen bees love a tea pot to nest in, so if you have a spare lying around and gathering dust–put it to good use by helping a bee out. Bury majority of the tea pot in the ground, half filled with leaves and with the spout poking out– a queen will come along and use it as her nesting palace. 

Let It Grow 

Letting your grass grow a fraction more than usual will attract more bees and other species. Along with weeds; they love nettles and dandelions so it wouldn’t hurt to have a little weed patch for our wonderful pollinators. This will also attract butterflies and other fellow pollinators. 

Please note that bees come in all shapes and sizes, with some often mistaken for wasps Wasps are long, sharp and distinctive, whereas bees have a small sting and are usually more rounded with more black than yellow (esp bumble bees).

I hope you can help a bee in need when you see the opportunity and I hope these tips helps you toward achieving slow style 

Stay Safe & Keep Styling 



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