How To Start A Wellbeing Scrapbook

To Improve Your Mental Health

Start with scraps. It sounds quite simple, but save little pieces of anything that makes you smile, or as Marie Kondo would say ‘Sparks Joy’. Save anything from birthday cards to packaging (labels or fabric scraps) anything that will give your scrapbook texture and depth. This type of creative energy will instantly improve your state of mind.

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Press a flower or two. My friend gave me one and I’ve pressed the petals so I can cherish the beaut day I had with her
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Affirmation and gratitude are key. Write what you like about yourself and jot down things you are grateful for, this helps us with our self esteem and helps balance moods. It may seem easier to criticise yourself, but instead of calling yourself ugly or fat–try calling yourself pretty and kind instead. Write it down, even if you may not fully believe it. A huge step in self care is being kind to oneself. Be kind to you.

List what negatively effects your health and wellbeing then list what improves your health and wellbeing, do this along side of each other to easily compare. You might find that what is having negative impacts on your health is easier to fix that you may imagine. Making a list could give your negative thoughts a more realistic approach, giving you steps to then potentially improve or change those thoughts. It won’t look as chaotic as it feels in your head. You may see that you have more too be happy for than to be sad for. You will be able to capture what truly makes you happy and what makes you grateful to be alive. 

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This wasn’t easy for me to write down and certainly hasn’t been easy to share online. But I feel much better for it. Try sharing with yourself first and then to the world. Someone will be there.
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These are mums fairy cutouts, they remind me of her and she makes me so happy.

Dream big because you are only as big as those dreams.

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Have fun and don’t be afraid to make mistakes, you can always replace or rip things out that doesn’t sit right with you. Just get started and stuck in, let your imagination lead you, and try to be in the moment. 

Visualise the life you desire and write what you want out of it and if you don’t know, visualise what you like, what makes you happy. Add images that make you smile.If your re envious of someone, ask yourself why, what do they have that you might want? I’d like to travel more, and to have my own fashion business, to sleep in the sky in (pref in business class) one day. Dream big because you are only as big as those dreams. Only you need to believe in you. I want to create, and from the creations I’d like to read, write, sew, make art–in turn this will give me the life I desire. I want to create everyday and not spend my time earning money at a job I hate, just to simply survive. If it’s money you want out life, think of ways to make money and what you’ll spend it on. The experiences you will have and the people you want to share those experiences with.

Alloraspo – Inspo from my past collaborations

Finally; Collage Inspo and happiness from the past. My real happy times were when I was creating amazing collaborations for my zine (Allora)- I have taken some of my work and put it in my scrapbook to remind me of happy times, when I was styling and directing photoshoots for Allora. Simply seeing a smile can light up your day. Thats why I have chosen this particular image of Molly, Kiran and Alex–they are all so happy in this shot and it makes me feel good about the work I’ve produced and the teams I have brought together. My accomplishments finally impress me, since I have had time to reflect. We should all be happy with our accomplishments, no matter how big or small. Doing something, is way better than doing nothing. Find your something you love and do it. Do it everyday and take time to stop and be proud of yourself. Especially when the times are hard and you feel like you are not moving forward. I don’t know when my next photoshoot will be but I know I’ll be more than ready and I’ll love and cherish every minute of it. Collage happy memories and saviour those times. 


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Accept that you can’t change what happens to you but you can change how you handle those changes. You can create the life you want and you can start right this second. All the great ones have had severe struggles and they have turned their life around. It started with a vision and taking small steps to getting towards that vision. Hold on and get creating. If you don’t know where to start, start with a wellbeing scrapbook. No one ever has to see it. It’s for you. Do something for you. Improve your mental health by following these 6 steps. It has helped me significanlty these past few weeks. Try it, especially if you are struggling with your mind. Be the stylist of your own life.

Stay Save, Stay positive and keep styling


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