How To Do A Gallery Wall

Gallery walls are the perfect way to create a particular aesthetic in any space. It can be a source of inspiration and motivation, especially if you choose to have some quotes and icons on your wall – like I have decided 

In this post I will show you how to create a gallery wall that is even. You’ll be able to experiment where you could hang your frames and be able to visualise what it will look like prior to hanging your pictures 



Tape Measure


Wallpaper (or any paper) TIP: use old scraps of cardboard to be more eco

Hammer & Nails

Tape (something that won’t peal off your paint, like masking or washy tape)


Firstly lay out your paper with the chosen frames on top

Then draw around each frame to create a template

If you have multiple frames of the same size, rather than drawing around each, cut one then use that as a template to cut the rest 

Measuring equally between the spaces ensures an even symmetrical finish, you’ll then nbe able to place where you want your frames 

With washy tape you’ll be able to place the templates where ever you desire, this gives you an idea of what the wall will look like 

As you can see, I have painted all the frames the same colour, I feel this connects all the miss- matched frames, making them coherent as well as matching them to the other walls in the room  

I feel that gallery walls are especially effective when they have a standout large image. I got this mountain canvas from a local market for under £5! As soon as I saw it– it reminded me of my time in America and how much I love mountains, nature and hiking. For your stand out centre piece; choose something that makes you feel calm and happy–that ultimately reflects you! This will create a personal and inspirational space made for you. 


Stay Safe & Keep Styling 


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