My New Eco Beauty Regime

Switching my beauty products has saved my life and I could mean that literally! I have recently discovered that most of my self care routine was

primarily full of carconergengenic chemicals. In translation this means, highly cancerous products. Even my SPF50 was riddled with such chemicals, and like most of us–I specifically wear it to prevent skin cancer. I never would have imagined my daily UV protection could potentially cause cancer.

After reading a very eye opening and throughly researched publication, I cleared my dressing table of all the harsh chemicals. And as you may imagine I wasn’t left with much.

My old chemical ridden products. The Body Shop is one of the worst for greenwashing!

However, I am here to share that there is a way to attain a truly ethical skin care routine

Our skin is our largest organ and it absorbs more that 60% of products that’s applied to it – much like a nicotine patch absorbs nicotine into the blood stream. So do our products.

Fortunately it is not all doom and gloom, so don’t worry too much. There are brands that genially care. And I have done all the research for you. On this post I will share my new and improved beauty regime. That is much more environmentally friendly. Switching from a potentially dangerous beauty regime to a truly transparent eco skin regime is easier than you think. Follow this simple guide and you can’t go wrong. It won’t cost you much, and if anything you will most likely save money.

Paige’s Skincare Guide

A list of chemicals to avoid:

Parabens such as; Methylparaben, propylparaben, diethanolamine (DEA) Sodium Laureth Sulphate (SLS), Para-Dioxane & Polyethylene Glycol (PEG)

Bismuth, DMDM hydantoin & Imidazolidinyl urea (usually found in nail polish, antiperspirant and hair products)

Make The Switch

Where to shop for more sustainable products that use organic and natural ingredients. Brands that primarily avoid the harsh chemicals listed above:

Beauty kitchen

Not only is this brand plastic free (expect caps which are fully recyclable) most products are award winning and chemical free. I use the sea plankton gel cleanser and my skin has never felt as smooth and hydrated. This cleanser lasted me 5 months, as you only need a pea sized spot for full cleansing coverage. They also do refills, so long as the packaging is intact.

Dr Organic

I am deeply in love with the Cocoa Butter Wonder Oil. I have never used a product like it. It reminds me of coconut oil but dries a lot quicker. It is full of goodness and can be used on your face and body-as well as your hair. I’d only recommend running it through your ends, as it can make your hair look a tad greasy. It smells edible and leaves you feeling silky smooth all day. It really is wonderful. They have it in a shea butter too and I cannot wait to try that one out.

My Little Eco Shop

A little indie company based in Devon, England. They stock a wide range of ethical products from kitchen essentials and dental care, to colourful shampoo and soap bars. You can find everything you need on this site to start your new regime. Everything is wonderfully affordable. You can have an all new set of products for less than £30! and it is always 100% zero plastic.

The Ordinary

I can’t speak for many of the products but the rose hip oil feels like silk on the skin, the smell is natural and light. It is in a glass bottle which preserves it wonderfully and saves on plastic. I use it every morning and night. On a night I follow it up with rose hip night cream from My little Eco Shop, they both blend well together.

Amazinc Skincare

Based in Czech Republic. This brand has a wide range of natural SPFs. I haven’t tried any myself but I plan to invest this summer.

These 5 brands will have everything you need. From cream deodorant and face clay masks-to aloe vera tooth paste and natural body oils. Including the very special body oil by Dr 0rganic that will leave you smelling like a freshly baked choccy brownie.

Follow my mini guide above and you’ll instantly do your skin and the planet a massive favour.

FAST FACT: The skincare market in the UK alone is predicted to be worth approx 20 Billion by 2024! That is quite insane and I bet we aren’t feeling healthier or looking as youthful as we hoped.

I hope this post was helpful. Please let me know if you do make a switch and how it benefits you. I’d love to hear about your experience with a more eco beauty regime.

Keep Styling


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