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. Paige Natasha Goddard .

23 | Entrepreneur & Stylist

Fashion Design with Communication graduate (BA).  Finalist for 3ina Fashion Styling & Creative Direction award at Graduate Fashion Week 2017. 

Based between Yorkshire, UK and Atlanta, USA.

This blog aims to communicate through inspiring content to connect with people all over the world with pure authenticity, promoting the importance of being a stylist of your own life. Everything from fashion, beauty & mental health  – along with tips from studying fashion and personal travel-memoirs. This site is also a sneak peak into the process of creating and launching an unconventional fashion & culture publication –  Allora magazine 

It is impossible to not have style – Style isn’t just about how you ‘look’ or what you choose to be wearing that season. It happens to be so much more; your mindset, mannerisms, the people you spend time with, the food you eat, the places you travel – along with all the clues you that you take from your personal life experiences; thats what inevitably develop and influence who you are. We are all stylists of our own lives – which are forever changing and developing, so keep smiling and most importantly;

. Keep Styling .

‘Fashion is about dressing according to what’s fashionable. Style is more about being yourself’

-Oscar de la Renta