Sewing Can Save Us

Our world is dying, we are killing our planet and our selves along the way. There is no time or evidence to deny this

BBC have been on form as of late with articles and documentaries about climate change and the impact that industries are having on our world. This is something I am really passionate about and I have had to be extra conscious when deciding what my place will be, in the fashion industry as it’sContinue reading “Sewing Can Save Us”

The Style Feed Contents 18/19

I have heard many times that finding a niche is the key to being a successful blogger, which I don’t doubt at all. Maybe ill find my particular niche that I’ll work on more as content develops. I created ‘The Style Feed’ initially to treat as a fashion diary, but because I lacked confidence in front of the camera that never really took off, I haven’t been consistent enough and I only collaborate with blogger photographers every blue moon! Every day life isn’t one topic, but a series of things that accumulate our life; food, fashion, subjects that randomly come to our mind, movements in society, tech, beauty.. the list goes on.Continue reading “The Style Feed Contents 18/19”

Netflix Strikes Again: Quick Review

Netflix is an new form of media that has changed lives, it’s developed the view perspective, challenged huge companies like Youtube and Amazon – it is a movement in itself. Netflix is a platform for many original series, its a space for eye-opening documetanires, an insight into our world and the people, mystery, escapism and raw realism in it. It has changed the way we see things, the way we spend our wednesday nights, its changed the process of a romantic date. nd the best thing of all… there aren’t any advertisements! A real USP of Netflix. I personally like to mix it up – from explained documentaries, exposure of the food industry documentaries and the period dramas and original series they have to offer – not to mention the occasional low budget films I’m proud to soak up. The latest bigne has been one that has made me re-think the powerful movements of women. Where we’ve been and where we are going…Continue reading “Netflix Strikes Again: Quick Review”

Allora development: Covers Revealed!

This is the first time I have shared real development of my magazine; Allora. I have recently published a post on to share how talented fashion photographer Jessica Rose Lena is. She and model collaborator, Hannah Burton have made both covers better than I ever imagined! It has been amazing working with them and I cannot wait for more collaborations in the future. Continue reading “Allora development: Covers Revealed!”

Fashion Education | Lesson 1

Lesson 1: How to recognise and reach your own passions and talents

Fashion has always been and will always be; complex, relevent, forward and controversial. There are so many fields in which a person can work in, from jobs in garment tech to fashion magazines and marketing – not to mention the digital possibilities and the-all-so art of being a fashion blogger/influencer. With all the options out there, it’s hard to chose your desired field within the huge ever-growing industry.

Continue reading “Fashion Education | Lesson 1”

Second-hand Styling Pt.2

Fashion passes, style remains – Coco Chanel

Some people think that style is just what you wear but as I have mentioned before and as I state in my about page – style is so much more. It’s what you do, where you want to go, what you eat, how you stand, who you spend time with – all you do is ultimately your styleContinue reading “Second-hand Styling Pt.2”

Instagram Timeline 2012 – 2018

At the start of the year I deleted over 1,000 pics on my Insta. The new algorithm kept taking me back to old posts when I refreshed my feed and I wanted a clean new start with the layout (I’m a bit anal about it) I had to screenshot the posts before I deleted them as they are a timeline of my life! Many images have been deleted over the years but this is what is left – starting from when Instagram came about.

My niece set me up an account in 2012 and I haven’t looked back since! I’m finding it hard to keep up with the evolution of it all especially the story and Insta TV but I’m getting there. Instagram is more than just pretty images for me, it’s a way I connect to like minded people and share parts of my life with family and friends. I’ve recently started being more personal and authentic by sharing my struggles with mental health too which has had a positive effect on my close friends. Insta has been my Linked In the past 2 years – connecting me to amazing collaborators and contributors for Allora magazine, without which wouldn’t be possible. We should use Instagram for realism and positivity to encourage each other and motivate – break down the walls that say it’s bad for us and start to embrace why it can be good. What else can I say; I’m addicted to the gramm and there are endless reasons why! Continue reading “Instagram Timeline 2012 – 2018”