Choice Is A Luxury: Health Journey

What I’m saying is; choice is a luxury in itself. Poorer people are less likely to starve themselves on purpose due to not having much choice. Needing to eat as they won’t know when the next meal might be available

On the 1st October I said goodbye to gluten and it worked! for days I went gluten free, didn’t eat the morning bagel, Instead I had eggs and potatoes followed by a banana. I had smoothies for dinner and indulged in Zoes Kitchen for lunch. I ate healthy chocolate almonds made with coconut sugar to curb my cravings – It was all well and good until Continue reading “Choice Is A Luxury: Health Journey”

The Style Feed Contents 18/19

I’d like this blog to be a source of all the random things that curate everyday life – that articulate the overall style of you and your life. Style is everything not just fashion, style is expression, mannerisms, what you eat, who you talk to, what you believe in etc. For example;

I have heard many times that finding a niche is the key to being a successful blogger, which I don’t doubt at all. Maybe ill find my particular niche that I’ll work on more as content develops. I created ‘The Style Feed’ initially to treat as a fashion diary, but because I lacked confidence in front of the camera that never really took off, I haven’t been consistent enough and I only collaborate with blogger photographers every blue moon! Every day life isn’t one topic, but a series of things that accumulate our life; food, fashion, subjects that randomly come to our mind, movements in society, tech, beauty.. the list goes on. Continue reading “The Style Feed Contents 18/19”

Cheesy Pasta Bake

This dish could easily be veggie, just replace the chicken with peppers and onions! QUICK SIMPLE AND YUM!

The first time I have ever used an American style oven and it worked! WOOP WOOP to that! I didn’t know what broil was initally and for anyone else who doesn’t know; it’s the same as grill. Which is how I finish the dish when I make pasta bake as I want it to be crispy and dry on the top while staying juicy under the cheesy top. Continue reading “Cheesy Pasta Bake”

Join My Journey To Health & Happiness

‘I truly wanted to give up on life. After uni I started stagnating in my home town, so much so it drove me even more crazy.’

The month of August saw a shift in my lifestyle. For a while I’d been neglecting my heath –  emotionally eating, barely excersising and smoking everyday. I was giving up, on my dreams and my life. I punished myself by neglecting my physical health. For years I’d been misdiagnosed and mis treated for my condition and I got tired of fighting the system and fighting everyone around me who thought I was over reacting or simply depressed. It was mum that listened and saved me. Continue reading “Join My Journey To Health & Happiness”

Foodie Diary: Chino Latino

The room was warmly lit with candles – a tall woman with a classy voice and ora to match was singing by the window-  that covered the whole wall and over looked the River Thames. The pianist next to her played beautifully to compliment. The most delicious cuisine awaited Continue reading “Foodie Diary: Chino Latino”

Crunchy Veggie Pasta With Aldi

All you will need:

Continue reading “Crunchy Veggie Pasta With Aldi”

Foodie Diary: Home Is Where…

There is nothing more satisfying than eating an healthy insta worthy lunch sat in quaint  independently run cafe – or there isn’t in my foodie world! This was a gem we stumbled upon when collaborators and I were capturing personal style shots for this blog. I had to do a separate post for the place as it really was wonderful, and I’d never heard of it or seen it before despite living in Birmingham for the past 4 years. Home Is Where…. Continue reading “Foodie Diary: Home Is Where…”

Thai Street Food: ZAAP

After watching the first episode of Someone Feed Phill on Netflix, I was in the mood for some good Thai food, not thinking we’d stumble on this perfect gem – and in Leeds! The atmosphere, the cocktails, the service and the food were all absolute perfection so if you ever see a ZAAP be sure to pop in and indulge  Continue reading “Thai Street Food: ZAAP”