We Need To Talk About: Feminism

Just casually scrolling through my Instagram feed when I come across this cute post of some badges on some pretty pink flowers, and its when I spot the badge that haunts me, the one that states ‘The future is female’ hows about FXXK off!

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Style Icon of The Month

There aren’t many female singers that I look up to for various reasons but Lana Del Rey is an absolute goddess in my eyes. Not only does she write all her own lyrics and create amazing music, she has such a unique style that says I was born on the east coast but made in the west coast. Denim shorts, converse, t-shirts and cute a-line dresses have the Americanca trend down to a T. So here is my March style icon moodboard and I hope Lana inspires you to get those short shorts and biker boots out for summer.

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Book Of The Month

‘The pursuit of beauty is not narcissistic, it is an essential way to build up confidence without which there is little achievement in anything. It gives pleasure, it brings it. Beauty, today is not a ‘perfect’ face or a certain look – we have left those attitudes behind. Beauty is now seen in a way a woman protects,reflects and projects her body power and mental energy. Beauty is individuality. It is glowing health and vitality, it is awareness and action, it is science and technology. We are no longer interested in quick cover-up effects but more interested in long range plans to feel and look better. ‘

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The Magpie Within

I embraced the magpie within with all the wonderful jewels I laid eyes on yesterday at London Fashion Weekend.

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Wishlist Of The Month

On the 9th March I will be catching a flight to Dubai to meet James after he’s finished working over there, I am so excited and Im trying to get all my summer clothes together. Every month I will be doing a ‘Wishlist’ of the items ill be lusting over the most throughout the month so for this feature I have chosen all the key pieces I wish I was packing

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Style Icon Of The Month

I have chosen Selena Gomez as Februarys style icon as I have recently found myself pinning her looks onto my Pinterest boards. I have also loved every song she released in 2015. ‘Casual chic’ shall we call it? I have created a ‘Get The Look’ so we can all have Selena’s style.

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