World Suicide Prevention Day

This post is based on my experience with suicidal thoughts and depression. I do not claim to be a doctor and know all the answers (even though doctors usually don’t know all the answers anyway) I’m simply sharing tips on what would have helped me and could have helped to prevent suicidal thoughts. I’ve seen my mum be depressed for 20+ years, I know whats helped her and what hasn’t. I’m also reading ‘Reasons To Stay Alive’ by Matt Haig; a brilliant author who like myself doesn’t have all the answers but knows from his own experience what it means to want to die and what it means to want to stay alive. I hope this post can help someone, if it helps ones person then it has served it’s purpose. Continue reading “World Suicide Prevention Day”

Second-hand Styling Pt.2

Fashion passes, style remains – Coco Chanel

Some people think that style is just what you wear but as I have mentioned before and as I state in my about page – style is so much more. It’s what you do, where you want to go, what you eat, how you stand, who you spend time with – all you do is ultimately your style Continue reading “Second-hand Styling Pt.2”

Cheesy Pasta Bake

The first time I have ever used an American style oven and it worked! WOOP WOOP to that! I didn’t know what broil was initally and for anyone else who doesn’t know; it’s the same as grill. Which is how I finish the dish when I make pasta bake as I want it to be crispy and dry on the top while staying juicy under the cheesy top. Continue reading “Cheesy Pasta Bake”

Instagram Timeline 2012 – 2018

At the start of the year I deleted over 1,000 pics on my Insta. The new algorithm kept taking me back to old posts when I refreshed my feed and I wanted a clean new start with the layout (I’m a bit anal about it) I had to screenshot the posts before I deleted them as they are a timeline of my life! Many images have been deleted over the years but this is what is left – starting from when Instagram came about.

My niece set me up an account in 2012 and I haven’t looked back since! I’m finding it hard to keep up with the evolution of it all especially the story and Insta TV but I’m getting there. Instagram is more than just pretty images for me, it’s a way I connect to like minded people and share parts of my life with family and friends. I’ve recently started being more personal and authentic by sharing my struggles with mental health too which has had a positive effect on my close friends. Insta has been my Linked In the past 2 years – connecting me to amazing collaborators and contributors for Allora magazine, without which wouldn’t be possible. We should use Instagram for realism and positivity to encourage each other and motivate – break down the walls that say it’s bad for us and start to embrace why it can be good. What else can I say; I’m addicted to the gramm and there are endless reasons why!  Continue reading “Instagram Timeline 2012 – 2018”

Join My Journey To Health & Happiness

The month of August saw a shift in my lifestyle. For a while I’d been neglecting my heath –  emotionally eating, barely excersising and smoking everyday. I was giving up, on my dreams and my life. I punished myself by neglecting my physical health. For years I’d been misdiagnosed and mis treated for my condition and I got tired of fighting the system and fighting everyone around me who thought I was over reacting or simply depressed. It was mum that listened and saved me. Continue reading “Join My Journey To Health & Happiness”

Sept VOGUE: The Art Of Ads

September has always been a significant time for me; primarliy due to my interest in fashion and the fact that I can layer up with cosy clothes but mainly because I’ve been in education majority of my life; so the month represents new beginnings, a new season that feels more like a new year with new styles, possibilities and all potential it represents  Continue reading “Sept VOGUE: The Art Of Ads”

Bedroom Hacks: Scrap Wallpaper

There are my stores you can go into and take samples of wallpaper; sometimes mum and I go a tad overboard and end up getting a lot more than intended, however this piece was small and fitted perfectly at the side of my little blue wardrobe – so I thought I’d have a fake fashion bookcase to brighten up my room. It makes it feel slightly bigger too as you aren’t drawn to the oxford blue block but more to the detail on the paper Continue reading “Bedroom Hacks: Scrap Wallpaper”

London BBY

I absolutely LOVE a trip to London! Jim and I drove down to get his visa for the US! And we most certainly made the most of it. We explored places he’d never been (Dalston and Shoreditch) FYI I feel Daltson is the new Shoreditch! Continue reading “London BBY”

Foodie Diary: Chino Latino

The room was warmly lit with candles – a tall woman with a classy voice and ora to match was singing by the window-  that covered the whole wall and over looked the River Thames. The pianist next to her played beautifully to compliment. The most delicious cuisine awaited Continue reading “Foodie Diary: Chino Latino”