The Style Feed Contents 18/19

I’d like this blog to be a source of all the random things that curate everyday life – that articulate the overall style of you and your life. Style is everything not just fashion, style is expression, mannerisms, what you eat, who you talk to, what you believe in etc. For example;

Netflix Strikes Again: Quick Review

Netflix is an new form of media that has changed lives, it’s developed the view perspective, challenged huge companies like Youtube and Amazon – it is a movement in itself. Netflix is a platform for many original series, its a space for eye-opening documetanires, an insight into our world and the people, mystery, escapism andContinue reading “Netflix Strikes Again: Quick Review”

Allora development: Covers Revealed!

Photoshoots were only 3 months apart but you can clearly see the development of all collaborators;  just from these covers alone. The final draft portrays more confidence and certainty with a darker essence. Our draft cover is younger, more playful with the previous idea of who Allora mag initially aimed towards. Since then the target market has shifted, however the ethos remains the same: Culture Over Consumption, Slow Style Over Fast Fashion and People Over Profit. ‘The Vizual Issue’ concept also remains – created by the visualisers for the visualisers.

Fashion Education | Lesson 1

Lesson 1: How to recognise and reach your own passions and talents
INCLUDES FREE DOWNLOAD to help you move forward in your personal goals and career ambitions

World Suicide Prevention Day

This post is based on my experience with suicidal thoughts and depression. I do not claim to be a doctor and know all the answers (even though doctors usually don’t know all the answers anyway) I’m simply sharing tips on what would have helped me and could have helped to prevent suicidal thoughts. I’ve seen my mum be depressed for 20+ years, I know whats helped her and what hasn’t. I’m also reading ‘Reasons To Stay Alive’ by Matt Haig; a brilliant author who like myself doesn’t have all the answers but knows from his own experience what it means to want to die and what it means to want to stay alive. I hope this post can help someone, if it helps ones person then it has served it’s purpose.