I started styling clothes and creating narratives as soon as I picked up my first Bratz doll in 2003 – Since then I’ve styled approx 30 photoshoots for publications and throughout my fashion education. I was a finalist for the 3ina Styling & Creative Direction Award Graduate Fashion Week 2017 for editorials styled for Allora magazine.

Please feel free to comment for more captions of collaborators – each editorial consisted of an average team of 8.
#IAMASOCIALACTIVIST // Photographer: Samuel Shaw 
Viper & Chips // Photographer: Jessie Rose

©2017 jessica-Rose Lena


©2017 jessica-Rose Lena
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©2017 jessica-Rose Lena©2017 jessica-Rose Lena©2017 jessica-Rose Lena

A Night In Nirvana // Photographer: Jessie Rose



Meet Me @ The Old Fire Station // Photographer: Rebecca Chivers


The Everyday Girl  // Photographer: Naren Logan


La Vie Est Belle  // Photographer: Rebecca Chivers



Dat Modern Luv  // Photographer: Rebecca Chivers


Send Nudes // Photographer: Naren Logan 

Enjoy your body glitter



Botanical Beauty // Photographer: Jessie Rose 

©2017 Jessica-Rose Lena©2017 Jessica-Rose Lena©2017 Jessica-Rose Lena©2017 Jessica-Rose Lena


Washed Up  // Photographer: Mike Raven


In Bloom  // Photographer: Mike Raven



Studio Session-088-Edit 2


By The Sea  // Photographer: Luke Antony



White Wash  // Photographer: Mike Raven

Victoria Beckham | Valentino

Sportmax | Diane Von Furstenberg | Stella McCartney

 Phillip Lim


Versace | Vice | Adidas Originals


Alexander Wang | Stella McCartney


Finders Keepers


Finders Keepers | Adidas







Candy Crush  // Photographer: Mike Raven





Finders Keepers| Sophia Webster


Pinko | Stella McCartney


Anna Cammish | Topshop




Phase 8



Glam Rock // Photographer: Mike Raven



Hobbs | River Island
River island


Topshop | Christian Louboutin


Alexander MQueen
Hobbs | River Island

Published by Paige Goddard

Visual Artist | Stylist | Fashion & Lifestyle blogger | Fashion Design with Communication BA (Hons) Graduate 'Don't make fashion own you, you decide what you are, what you want to express by the way you dress and live.' - Gianni Versace

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