GRWM #5: Bold Orange

I love making a summer statement with bright colours, especially golds, bronze and orange for the eyes. For this getting ready with me, I decided to step outside my comfort zone;Continue reading “GRWM #5: Bold Orange”

GRWM (Getting Ready With Me) #3

So today I have gone for frosty pink eyes with a glossy pink lip/ red matte lip as I couldn’t decide, I’d usually avoid wearing pink and red together but I’ve decided to step out of my comfort zone. I’m switching up my instagram too (Last night I deleted 1K+ posts dating back to 2012) I’d like to enter 2018 with a fresh new approach as a blogger – doing things I’ve never done before

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GRWM (Getting Ready With Me) #2

Yet another simple cat eye look with plenty of highlighter, I swear the next GRWM will slightly more interesting with PINK Kiko shadows and heavy lashes – applying red lippy like a boss. However for now here is Getting Ready With Me #2 – a simple look 

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Book Of The Month

‘The pursuit of beauty is not narcissistic, it is an essential way to build up confidence without which there is little achievement in anything. It gives pleasure, it brings it. Beauty, today is not a ‘perfect’ face or a certain look – we have left those attitudes behind. Beauty is now seen in a way a woman protects,reflects and projects her body power and mental energy. Beauty is individuality. It is glowing health and vitality, it is awareness and action, it is science and technology. We are no longer interested in quick cover-up effects but more interested in long range plans to feel and look better. ‘

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