For The legend: Givenchy

He knew the power of collaboration , he knew that elegance was timeless, he knew that the only woman that could portray his true message, was Audrey Hepburn. A selfless magnificent being with a kind heart and a face as beautiful as her mind. They had a connection like no other, not just a muse but a friend and loyal customer. He designed for her, for all women but with her in mind. He knew what women wanted in a dress and that was to feel like Hepburn, thus creating the classic LBDContinue reading “For The legend: Givenchy”

Days In Dubai

This is all based on experiences from March 2016 // For a city that is growing by the hour things will have changed // Please feel free to comment on your own experiences travelling in the UAE 

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Editorial Of The Month

I first discovered Suitcase magazine in my second year of uni (Vol.9) Since picking up that first copy I haven’t missed one issue and thats why I understand the significance of this particular volume (21) A fresh new look with a new slogan ‘The culture Of Travel’ which couldn’t be more accurate. Cornerstone – the main fashion editorial is earthy and natural with a captivating cinematic touch – exactly why it’s Januarys editorial of the month

Photographer: Lucia O’Connor-McCarthy for Suitcase Vol.21 


Style Icon of The Month

There aren’t many female singers that I look up to for various reasons but Lana Del Rey is an absolute goddess in my eyes. Not only does she write all her own lyrics and create amazing music, she has such a unique style that says I was born on the east coast but made in the west coast. Denim shorts, converse, t-shirts and cute a-line dresses have the Americanca trend down to a T. So here is my March style icon moodboard and I hope Lana inspires you to get those short shorts and biker boots out for summer.

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Style Icon Of The Month

I have chosen Selena Gomez as Februarys style icon as I have recently found myself pinning her looks onto my Pinterest boards. I have also loved every song she released in 2015. ‘Casual chic’ shall we call it? I have created a ‘Get The Look’ so we can all have Selena’s style.

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