Allora Zine Behind The Scenes Pt2

Viper & Chips

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Second-hand Styling Pt.2

Fashion passes, style remains – Coco Chanel

Some people think that style is just what you wear but as I have mentioned before and as I state in my about page – style is so much more. It’s what you do, where you want to go, what you eat, how you stand, who you spend time with – all you do is ultimately your styleContinue reading “Second-hand Styling Pt.2”

Sept VOGUE: The Art Of Ads

September has always been a significant time for me; primarliy due to my interest in fashion and the fact that I can layer up with cosy clothes but mainly because I’ve been in education majority of my life; so the month represents new beginnings, a new season that feels more like a new year with new styles, possibilities and all potential it represents Continue reading “Sept VOGUE: The Art Of Ads”