Cheesy Pasta Bake

The first time I have ever used an American style oven and it worked! WOOP WOOP to that! I didn’t know what broil was initally and for anyone else who doesn’t know; it’s the same as grill. Which is how I finish the dish when I make pasta bake as I want it to be crispy and dry on the top while staying juicy under the cheesy top. Continue reading “Cheesy Pasta Bake”

Crunchy Veggie Pasta With Aldi

All you will need:

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Foodie Diary: Home Is Where…

There is nothing more satisfying than eating an healthy insta worthy lunch sat in quaint  independently run cafe – or there isn’t in my foodie world! This was a gem we stumbled upon when collaborators and I were capturing personal style shots for this blog. I had to do a separate post for the place as it really was wonderful, and I’d never heard of it or seen it before despite living in Birmingham for the past 4 years. Home Is Where…. Continue reading “Foodie Diary: Home Is Where…”

Sunday Brunch: Omelette Cups On Toast

This is so fun to make and so tasty to munch- I love experimenting with food especially breakfast (the most vital meal of the day). As I also mention in my about page, style is catered for individuals, style isn’t just what you wear but what you believe, what you eat, what you do, who you do it with etc. It is my style to make brunch like a beast, I say brunch because of the time of day but it is in fact breakfast as it is the first meal of the day (it’s breaking the fast) so here are my egg cup omelette style veggie filled goodness on toast

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