Hormone Therapy Is Making My Hair Fall Out!

Would you rather be constantly tired or lose your hair?

I started Hormone Replacement Therapy in January and it cured my depression, mood swings and tiredness but now I’m losing my hair! Hair loss is a common symptom of a thyroid disorder and a well known side effect with T3, mainly in the first 3-6 months. I’ve been on it 9 months now and it’s getting worse day by day! Continue reading “Hormone Therapy Is Making My Hair Fall Out!”

I Understand You, Kate

I did this illustration as a previous post on Female Creative Directors and it saddens me that I’m doing a separate one, dedicated to Kate Spade and her struggles. But here it is and I hope you get something from it, I hope you read it all and ignite your own spark inside to speak – because all we have is our precious time and each other  Continue reading “I Understand You, Kate”