Join My Journey To Health & Happiness

The month of August saw a shift in my lifestyle. For a while I’d been neglecting my heath –  emotionally eating, barely excersising and smoking everyday. I was giving up, on my dreams and my life. I punished myself by neglecting my physical health. For years I’d been misdiagnosed and mis treated for my condition and I got tired of fighting the system and fighting everyone around me who thought I was over reacting or simply depressed. It was mum that listened and saved me. Continue reading “Join My Journey To Health & Happiness”

Crunchy Veggie Pasta With Aldi

All you will need:

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Second-hand Summer Styling

Summer is here and it’s the perfect time for your style to shine as bright as your highlighter. There can be a lot of pressure to find the perfect dress: for weddings, beer gardens or even a family BBQ. Continue reading “Second-hand Summer Styling”

For The Love Of ELLE

It will be 10 years ago this December, since I picked up my first issue of Elle, UK (Jan 2009) Now I understand what a decade feels like I must say: It’s surreal it was that long ago! Yet feels like it was a lifetime ago

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Days In Dubai

This is all based on experiences from March 2016 // For a city that is growing by the hour things will have changed // Please feel free to comment on your own experiences travelling in the UAE 

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Style Icon Of The Month

I don’t know whether its the sleek bob, the 70s vibe or the I don’t care what you think about me I’m bad ass and hot as. Do I even have to mention her refreshing confidence when strutting past ex boyfriend on the VS stage – I mean the only possible scenario of bumping into exes usually consists of bed hair and zero makeup (most likely shopping for chocolate and tampons) Not Bella, she is a proud confident catwalk queen and this months style icon

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Editorial Of The Month

I first discovered Suitcase magazine in my second year of uni (Vol.9) Since picking up that first copy I haven’t missed one issue and thats why I understand the significance of this particular volume (21) A fresh new look with a new slogan ‘The culture Of Travel’ which couldn’t be more accurate. Cornerstone – the main fashion editorial is earthy and natural with a captivating cinematic touch – exactly why it’s Januarys editorial of the month

Photographer: Lucia O’Connor-McCarthy for Suitcase Vol.21 


Buffy Slays 20 Years

‘The hardest thing in this world is to live in it’

– Buffy Ann Summers | Season 5, Episode 22 | The Gift

I am so proud and happy to be a top Buffy geek. Buffy gave me the strength and courage to be my true self and to believe in what I do. Im 22 in my final few months of university writing my business plan to map out my future goals and ambitions and I too like her want to save the world. I know I wouldn’t be here without her and her scoobies.

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Style Icon of The Month

There aren’t many female singers that I look up to for various reasons but Lana Del Rey is an absolute goddess in my eyes. Not only does she write all her own lyrics and create amazing music, she has such a unique style that says I was born on the east coast but made in the west coast. Denim shorts, converse, t-shirts and cute a-line dresses have the Americanca trend down to a T. So here is my March style icon moodboard and I hope Lana inspires you to get those short shorts and biker boots out for summer.

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