It’s Fashion Revolution Week!

Check out the latest collaboration I am honoured to be a part of – to coincide with Fashion Revolution Week 2018. To be published in Allora  Spring/Summer 2018

A collaboration expressing the importance of slow style over fast fashion. An ethical editorial showing the talent in Birmingham along with the promoting equailty – showcasing the designers collection and concept: #Iamasocialactivist is to express the power of social media, and how we can use that to create postive change in the world Continue reading “It’s Fashion Revolution Week!”

For The legend: Givenchy

He knew the power of collaboration , he knew that elegance was timeless, he knew that the only woman that could portray his true message, was Audrey Hepburn. A selfless magnificent being with a kind heart and a face as beautiful as her mind. They had a connection like no other, not just a muse but a friend and loyal customer. He designed for her, for all women but with her in mind. He knew what women wanted in a dress and that was to feel like Hepburn, thus creating the classic LBD Continue reading “For The legend: Givenchy”

Best Birthday Bits // The Peak District Pt.2

Welcome to part 2 of Best birthday Bits (read pt.1 here) I love capturing a new place especially when that place is old. I also have thing for photographing doors, I find it fascinating and beautiful to see the variation in them – in this village they have a wonderful eclectic mix – how cute is bridge cottage?

Continue reading “Best Birthday Bits // The Peak District Pt.2”